Chelsea Dogs : Part 2

Well, here we are again – luckily I’ve still got some of the Hungry Hector and Lily’s Kitchen treats left, because there’s nothing edible in this post, so no drooling will be required.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I have a thing about hoopies, especially pink ones. The ones I have are all the regular wide flat hoopies and I love it when dad or mum fling them down the garden for me. Well, guess what, in one of the purple parcels was a Becohoop.

A Fab BecoHoop!!

A Fab BecoHoop!!

Isn’t it just the most gorgeous shade of pink? And my sensitive nose has detected the scent of vanilla so I’m sure this hoop is going to get the human seal of approval. It’s not a smell I was used to but it didn’t put me off. The next thing I did was to try it on for size – yes, I tried it on.

A BecoHoop is a girl's best friend?

A BecoHoop is a girl’s best friend?

I guess it won’t fit every pup but it’ll definitely fit most medium-sized pups like me. Why would I want to wear a hoop round my neck? Well, sometimes I like to take a toy with me on a walk but mum doesn’t like to carry it for me, so a hoop is the ideal toy to take on a walk because I can wear it like a necklace! I’m not a tuggy type dog so I can’t really judge whether this is a good hoop for playing tug with but it certainly feels like it would be good. It’s got a good soft feel to it and bends and stretches well – I reckon this would be excellent for puppies too. And best of all it’s way too heavy for a cat to pick up and run away with!

It was pretty easy to fling, mum said it had a good weight to it… but she still can’t fling it further than I can run in the time she takes to throw it, but that’s just because she’s not very good at throwing stuff. Meanwhile, I found it easy to pick up and carry while I was running and I think it looked pretty cool too.

This is MY BecoHoop!

This is MY BecoHoop!

For pups that don’t like pink you’ll be pleased to know that the BecoHoop also comes in a lovely blue and a very fetching green. BOL, a ‘fetching’ green, get it? You can see the trio of BecoHoops here.  They also do BecoBones and BecoBalls which look really good  and if you have a look here you had better sit down with a nice bowl of water first because there are so many great toys to see. The shoes rather took my fancy – I think I may have mentioned my thing about shoes before – whenever dad gets home from work I run to find a shoe to give him. It doesn’t even have to be his shoe, any shoe will do. Usually I leave them in the garden and once I even put his slipper in my paddling pool.

I mentioned that Chelsea Dogs Luxury Dog Boutique also have a great range of  home accessories… dog blankies, throws, cushions, doorstops, memo boards, cute little hearts, toy bags and lead hooks. Shopaholics beware.

Along with my vast collar collection I have several leads – I generally use my leather gundog slip lead but I also have some matching sets of ‘going out’ clothes, okay, we actually call them my pub leads – so that’s what mum’s going to put on the lead hook. I guess if I was a proper Chelsea dog I’d be allowed to go in all the posh shops but being a country dog I mostly just go to the pub. Beer and treats – a perfect excuse to get dressed up in a posh collar and lead!

Lead Hook

Lead Hook – for my ‘going out’ lead

Doesn’t that look splendid?

The last item isn’t really something I’d personally approve of because it’s been put on a hook out of my reach with some toys in it. What’s that about? I like to be able to choose my own toys – mine are all in a trug so I can pick and choose which one I want. Or which two or three or four I want… sometimes I just like to surround myself with toys.

It’s perfectly gorgeous though – very well made in a lovely fabric with an adorable little Scottie dog on it – I think I’ll keep my ‘best’ toys in it, or perhaps my upstairs toys.

Scottie Dog Toy Bag

Scottie Dog Toy Bag

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m off to have a snooze – if the cat’s not in whichever bed I want to sleep in. I’m thinking I might like to be a ‘Joules’ dog – I do love flowers and they do some fabulous beds daaaahling, at very reasonable prices. Mum is actually very relieved that I have quite good taste in beds, BOL, I think she means economical, not that I wouldn’t love one of the posh bespoke beds, but what pooch wouldn’t? I have several beds but my favourite is my Danish Design Morocco Snuggle Bed. I’ve had one for well over a year now and it comes up lovely after a quick whiz in the washing machine.

In fact my very first bed was a Danish Design cat bed. Ha ha it’s gone full circle now, with the cat sleeping in my Danish Design dog bed. So, just for fun, here are a couple of pictures of me in my very first bed when I was a tiny little squirt.

Me with my phessie and my  toy doggy

Me with my phessie and my toy doggy

Teagan 001

Me with my first ball on a rope

Well, that’s enough “awww” for today, you can stop now.

Come on, I said you can stop now… look, here’s one final picture of something really scary in my Morocco snuggle bed and she’s even snuggling up to one of MY toys.

Pickle in my Danish Design Morocco Snuggle Bed

Pickle in my Danish Design Morocco Snuggle Bed



~ by Teagan on July 19, 2013.

2 Responses to “Chelsea Dogs : Part 2”

  1. We do love your fashion page, Modom T… Are you sure your mummy didn’t edit Vanity Fair or Vogue? x

  2. I like the hoop. Great photos!

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