Knowlton Church

A few nights ago mum and I went to Knowlton Church. A blip person had blipped it a few times (like here) and as it is only a few miles up the road from us we thought we’d nip up and have a look. There was no one there when we arrived so I hopped out of the car and waited for mum to open the gate, then we walked up towards the church.


It’s really really really old. The church is Norman and is built within a neolithic henge monument which you can read about here.

Unfortunately someone started shooting not long after we arrived so, not being fond of big bangs, I wanted to run back to the car but mum persuaded me to stay and have a quick walk all the way around the pathways that I guess are the ‘henge’.


This is the church from the other side, there’s quite a lot of it has fallen down but you can walk around ‘inside’. We mostly walked around outside because it was so pretty.

While we were walking around the rings we spotted a little foot or maybe paw-worn path up to some yew trees.

Being nosy, we had to see where the path was going. So, we followed the path and found ourselves in a little dingley tree dell!


I expect if we had come here after dark we would have found lots of hippy chicks all chanting or singing songs.


Or maybe lots of little goblins or gnomes having a party.


Or perhaps fairies and elves?


Or pixies…


Or lots of rabbits, badgers, foxes, mice and birds…


Or witches and goblins..


Or maybe just a bunch of meerkats and Zippy and Bungle?


This fabulous bright yellow Smart car parked up just as we were getting ready to leave. We waited until they’d gone in before we stopped to take a photo.

Anyway, as you know, we like geocaching so when we got home we checked on the website to see if there was one nearby and there was – and tonight we went back there to do the geocache. We had to count all the railings which is right up dad’s street and then we could work out the coordinates of the cache. So, we had a lovely walk around the church again and then went to find the cache.

So, for anyone who would like to see some more photos of this gorgeous little church, here you go.



P1050967 P1050968









~ by Teagan on July 20, 2013.

5 Responses to “Knowlton Church”

  1. I love your stories and photographs .. We have visited Knowlton Church many times years and years ago.. A favourite place for childrens’ picnics . Do you think that was a magic Yew tree where spells were made? Spooky in a thunderstorm.. which is now passing over us

  2. An amazing find. I love the pictures of the church.

  3. Thank you so much for letting me go along on your walk to Knowlton Church. I love the pictures and so enjoyed visiting here.

  4. Visited knowlten church today jusy love it there so peaceful and magical, my little dog just runs with gay abandon she is so happy there, had a few quiet moments in the yew tree trying to imagine all the people there who went and left there personal messages felt very close to them. Loved your pics and your storytelling.

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