Tummy Tuesday

Okay, I know today is Wednesday but if I hadn’t told you that you wouldn’t know, because for all I know you could be reading this on any day of the week… but let’s face it, Tummy Tuesday sounds a lot better than Tummy Wednesday.

But that’s all waffle, the main thing is that Teagan has let me have a whole blog post to myself!! Yes, it’s ME Pickle the cat!! I don’t get out much so getting a food parcel from Zooplus is very exciting! I usually eat Teagan’s raw food – I just love the raw minced chicken, and the duck is pretty fab too. The chicken and oily fish is good – the only one I’m not keen on is the minced tripe, I don’t even like it when it’s mixed with the chicken. Too stinky for a cute kitty.

Anyway, just look at all the noms I’ve got!!


I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself.. sit and pose when there’s all this food around? I don’t think so. I’ve got a whole bunch of Almo Nature food, I love all of them that have tuna in them, tuna with chicken, tuna with mackerel, tuna with sole… as long as it’s got tuna I don’t care.


Okay, just for a minute, I’ll lie down and pose.. I’m right next to the Almo Nature Jelly saver pack of 24 Tuna & Sole Fish – mmm nom nom, can’t wait. In the other box are the other ones, all sorted out so I get a different one each time.

I’m also trying something new, ‘Cosma Gourmet’ and I’ve got the Cosma Gourmet Box Mixed Trial Pack – 14 x 85grams – 12 varieties, it was on special for just £7.99 and all the little tins come in a cute box.. sooo many different flavours!

Are you ready?

Big breath… there’s Tuna, Sardine, Mackerel, Chicken, Salmon, Tuna & Crab, Chicken & Shrimps, Chicken & Tuna, Chicken & Liver, Chicken & Lobster, Chicken & Quail Egg and Chicken & Tuna Caviar… phew. What a lot! I know they don’t all have tuna in, but as chicken is also a favourite of mine, I think they’re all going to be just fine.

I decided to have a tin straight away.. and I chose the Chicken & Tuna Caviar!


Have you had tuna caviar before? I certainly haven’t.. and it is truly scrumptious. It contains 40.3% of chicken, 4.5% of tuna caviar, 1% rice and .18% potassium chloride – ooh er, that doesn’t sound nice but it’s only a tiny bit… and the rest is water… 53.2%. Hmm that’s rather a lot of water but I guess it makes up the yummy jelly that surrounds the tempting chicken and caviar.


Doesn’t that look delicious? Almost good enough for humans… hey, hands off… you can sniff but not taste. Next on my tasting list is the Chicken & Quails Egg… that one has 34.6% chicken and 10.2% quail egg… so it must have a whole egg in it! I love eggs, scrambled are my favourite, I wonder how the quail egg has been cooked.

If you’re wondering about the blue thing in the top pictures –   that’s my free summer gift – a 1.5L Trixie Water Dispenser! My own personal water supply… though of course that won’t stop me drinking Teagan’s water if it means I don’t have to walk as far to get a drink.

The delivery note also listed “a little surprise from zooplus! – thank you for shopping with us” but so far we haven’t been able to find anything else in the box that we didn’t actually order. That’s a little disappointing but maybe it will come separately, whatever it is!

At this point I’m being told by the dog to get off her blog, so I shall just quickly mention that I wasn’t asked to do this post by Zooplus, but we love them lots and I was just so excited at getting so much food all in one go! Also just from my first taste test, the Cosmo Gourmet looks like it’s going to be another favourite – so check out their website and see if you can get one of the mixed trial packs.


So, it’s goodbye from me, Pickle the Cat. You can tweet me @TheCatPickle if you have any questions or just want to tell me personally how gorgeous I am.   My birthday is in September and I’m going to be one… read into that what you will.

If you’d like to see me feature on the blog again do leave a comment!! I don’t reckon I’ll get my own blog but I might get to do the odd guest post occasionally.

I am available for product testing – especially food and treats, I love playing with small toys (the kind that get lost under the piano or sucked up the hoover) and I get through a lot of cat collars and bells. So far I’ve lost 3 collars and 4 bells – I love birds so am a ‘double-bell’ cat, sometimes I get called Jingles and I think the humans are considering renaming me Rudolphina.

Late Edit: Just a quick extra update to include some pictures of the extra specially yummy Chicken with Quail Egg – and yes, there was a whole egg in the tin! Mum only gave me half a tin for my breakfast, because I’d already had some raw chicken, and put the rest of the tin under something, to wait until later. A while later she went to look for it and it had disappeared! She looked absolutely everywhere, in the fridge, in the dishwasher, in the cupboards, in the office… it was a mystery until she thought that maybe I’d managed to get to the tin and get it onto the floor.

An upside down tin was found hidden down behind the cupboard by the washing machine… with only a bit of the food in it. Caught out, red pawed.


So, this is the tin – Chicken with Quail Egg – look, you can see the egg, it looks like eyes!


And now, here it is, on its way into my tummy.



~ by Teagan on July 31, 2013.

5 Responses to “Tummy Tuesday”

  1. My cat bro Bert…the food a holic, loved this post and we love Zooplus. It is not in the US, but Mom ordered from them for years in Germany!

  2. I love reading about Teagan AND Pickles…..

  3. Thanks for popping over to my bloggy today, great to meet you!

  4. I didn’t have time to leave a post yesterday. Our cats have been eating Tiki Cat. Yep, pretty much tuna this, tuna that. They love it. 🙂

  5. Looks almost good enough for a hungry dog to eat!

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