A New Arrival!

It’s been a weird day, in fact Friday was weird too because mum came home with a strange smell on her. Kind of like wee and poo. Perhaps I should have realised something was about to happen.

This morning dad and mum moved the table out of the kitchen and put my old puppy pen in there – stupid Pickle went in to have a look around and mum shut the door on her. OMD I almost wet myself, the silly cat didn’t have a clue what to do.


I thought that a cage to put Pickle in was a great idea  – I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen in the afternoon. It was all quite normal – mum went out and dad and I were out cutting the grass and then mum got back and, this is the shocking bit, she had a mini-me in the back of the car! I couldn’t believe my eyes… it was just like me five years ago! First things first, weigh it.. so that we know how much food to feed it. So, here are spookily similar pictures.


This is Ellie Mae today, at 7 weeks and 1 day old, weighing in at just a tiny tad over 2kg.

Teagan 1500grams

This was me back on the 12th June 2008 at 6 weeks old weighing in at 1.5kg.

So, Pickle and I got introduced to Ellie Mae. She’d come from a litter of about 8 puppies but when mum went yesterday there were only 5 left – 3 golden boys and 2 black girls.


OK you can do your oohs and ahhs now, and maybe some awww’s.


Look at those big puppy eyes….


This is her mum and dad – Tia is the black cocker and Oscar is the gold one. Can you see the family resemblance?


This is Ellie Mae doing a pose… well, any sister of mine has to be able to pose for the camera!

So, life will never be the same again… it was a bit of a shock six months ago when fursis Pickle arrived and now I have another fursis – I hope there aren’t going to be any more. Anyway, we had lots of fun getting to know each other.


Saying hello..


Here I am keeping a sisterly eye on Ellie while she has a look around.


I think Ellie wants to go back indoors.


Goodness me, she gets about. This is going to be a tough job!


Yay! Ellie has found a leaf. Heck, leaves grow on trees – I hope that doesn’t mean she’s going to like my logs when she’s bigger.


Ellie on dad’s knee. Oh dear, she’s having ear issues already.. not a good look!


Gosh, was I really this small?


For now I’m just going to watch her and make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble or fall in the stream.


This is our first family portrait. Pickle is keeping a safe distance away!


She seems to sleep a lot, which is good. I’ve given her some of my toys and my old puppy kong. Mum put a bit of minced tripe inside it and she seemed to like that.


Here she is in close up full cute mode. See? She’s a mini-me.


This is when I’ve just been in my paddling pool and I’m running round doing a bit of zoomies and cheeky Ellie is sticking her tongue out at me.


This is another spooky picture – there are almost identical photos of me looking like that when I was a baby! She’s even got my dwarf with the hot water bottle in his tummy, he was a good friend to me when I was growing up.


And she does the regular sleeping as well, she’s got my old plastic dog bed that’s good for gnawing on.


And here she is sleeping in her box in the puppy crate – she’s snuggled up next to one of my duckies that I’ve given her.


Here she is looking over the barrier that’s not going to keep her out for long! She’s quite athletic and could probably climb over if she put her mind to it.


Well, I think it’s time to go now – she’s been helping out with writing this blog and it’s all been a bit too much like hard work… so I think we’d all better go for a nap.


~ by Teagan on August 3, 2013.

4 Responses to “A New Arrival!”

  1. Lots of awws and oohs and aaahs from here! She’s *almost* as cute as you! *wag*

  2. Congratulations! How fun to be a big sister! Mom says some day I will get a little sister, not sure I want one as I like to be the baby but it might be fun to have someone to show the ropes to. She is adorable and I bet she will love you like crazy. Have fun!

  3. Lots of gasps, woofs and tears from us too. We are all amazed to see Sliding doors similarities.. It is a virtual world , like this 3d printer gadget thing. Great pics, and great little family completed, well done x

  4. Ellie looks adorable; I bet she’ll soon be digging up all your hidden treasure! 🙂

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