The Smart ‘y’ Ball !!

I love trying out new toys – today we had a parcel in the post from Monty Blue and in it was a Smart ‘y’ Ball. In daylight it doesn’t look that special, it’s kind of a weird white and made of a very hard rubbery stuff. Apparently it’s strong but not indestructible, so that should be just fine for us because we’re not the destroying kind but I reckon it would give the destructor dogs a run for their money. I shan’t mention any names but I have friends who can kill a tennis ball with one bite.

Unfortunately for us we had to wait until it got dark before we could try it out properly but eventually the sun set and out we went.

So, without further ado, here it is…


This is me and the Smart ‘y’ Ball

Okay, I guess that wasn’t quite fair… so here I am again and this time you can see me and the ball.


Since the arrival of my new fursis, Ellie-Mae, I’m having to learn how to share things. I have to confess that I’m none too keen on this ‘sharing’ lark. Surely as top dog everything is mine? Well, unless of course I decide I don’t want it and then I will give lend it to Ellie. She couldn’t wait to get in on the ball testing. Here she is checking it out.


See how wonderfully red and glowing it is? It’s really easy to see in the dark. It’s impact activated and lights up from the first bounce… and stays bright for five minutes! Or longer if you’re playing with it and boinging it all the time.


It’s pretty hard to take good pictures in the dark – this is Ellie running across the garden with it.


And here she is again.


I think she was doing a sideways flip in this picture.

After just one night’s testing I reckon I’d give this ball top marks, it was a real hit with both Ellie and me.  It’s going to be really good for the long winter evenings when it gets dark early.


Smart ‘y’ Ball

So, a great big thank you to Monty at Monty Blue for letting us try out one of these fantastic balls.

And, finally, here we are in action… me and little Ellie.

We’re both tired out now so it’s off to bed for us.



~ by Teagan on September 14, 2013.

5 Responses to “The Smart ‘y’ Ball !!”

  1. That is awesome! Love it!

  2. Good heavens Miss Teagan…looks like a UFO.. but how very clever. Now then young lady ..will it show through the earth when you try to bury it? Is your Fursis Ellie-Mae a digger of garden holes too?

    We are very shocked to find Pip tries to bury everything . We need toys with beepers on!

    • Hmm I’m sorry but I don’t think it will shine through the earth if its been buried… well, maybe a bit but only for five minutes!
      I bet someone has somewhere has tracking devices that you could put on doggy toys…

  3. Teagan we think that is a really neat ball and looks like a lot of fun at night. Since the girls find no purpose in retrieving ( you threw it you get it!) that wouldn’t do us much good 😦

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