Puddle Etiquette

Today there were lots of puddles on our morning walk. So, I decided to make the most of them and give Ellie some lessons in puddle etiquette. Up until today she had been carefully trotting around the edges which is just so very wrong. Us spaniels have our reputations to think of – we love water, swimming and mud, so it was time to show her what to do.


She was a bit timid at first but she soon found her puddle feet.


I explained that at the bottom of puddles there is lots of lovely thick squelchy mud which sometimes has sticks and ‘things’ in it.


She wasn’t really getting stuck in quite as much as I’d have liked, so I decided to show her how to do it.


It’s a bit like bobbing for apples, you just stick your head in the water and blow out through your nose. It makes funny noises and bubbles in the water. She soon got the hang of it!


The first time can be a bit of a shock and this is where she’d just leapt out of the puddle!! Silly Ellie!!


She looked to mum for help but mum wasn’t coming anywhere near the puddle as she’d already had a couple of nasty skids and almost fallen over in the mud. She doesn’t fall over very often but when she does it’s usually very funny but I always leap to her rescue to offer a wet muddy paw.

Well, that’s about all for today, there’s just time for this little video of Ellie and I in the big puddle.


~ by Teagan on October 17, 2013.

7 Responses to “Puddle Etiquette”

  1. I haven’t had a chance to teach my little sister about mud puddles yet, but I know we will have so much fun getting dirty together soon!

  2. Woofs to you two x.. all very fine larking around in muddy puddles , but you don’t have a very shiny white bib like Jack or a golden coat like Pip (shows every muddy splash and raindrop) Seems you have deeper puddles where you live than we have this way..apart from the sea I s’pose :0)

  3. What sweethearts!!


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  4. Great puddle-play there!

  5. I dussnt nivver fink dat water be a correct place for da terrier Teegun my pal…i leev it to you spanners

    • I’m happy if you leave all the water to us. We love it… can’t get enough of it, though when the weather gets cold I sometimes regret it afterwards when my fur starts to freeze!!

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