Morning perambulation…

In the mornings Ellie and I like to go out for a run in ‘the wild side’ of the garden.. just to check who’s been out there during the night and to see if there are any pheasants lurking around for a flying lesson. This is us waiting for mum to open the gate to let us out. Before Ellie arrived I had the run of the whole garden but since she came to live with us a whole load more fencing went up at the back so there was a secure area for Ellie to run around in safely.


Our noses are really busy because there are so many fresh smells to be investigated.


That’s Ellie at the bottom of the garden, the squirrels have been running around but she hasn’t seen one yet.


Can you see me hiding behind the ferns?


This morning we spotted this hole in a tree just by the stream – it’s a huge hole and there’s a lot of small wood chips on the ground. Pickle has been slacking… if it was a woodpecker how did it manage to peck a big hole in the tree without her knowing?


If you look very carefully you can just see a pheasant in the middle of this picture – unfortunately this is the field on the other side of the fence and we’re not allowed in there to chase them. Such a shame because some days there are dozens of birds.


This is a baby oak tree. There are sticks beside all the baby oak trees so they don’t get stepped on by accident. One day they will be huge oak trees.


Ellie is checking out behind the bench. The oak tree stick is just behind her.


See, we’re both nose to the ground, bottoms in the air…


And still nose to the ground when we get further up past the big bridge…


Ha ha, can you guess who’s been making all these piles of earth – it’s Mole No 2. Mole No 1 was despatched by Mick the Mole but not long after No 1 mole was caught, his friend No 2 mole moved in to take over his patch. We have lots of worms and the wet clay soil doesn’t seem to put him off. Pickle hasn’t yet caught a mole but I reckon if she caught one she’d be in for some extra special treats.


We usually walk round two or three times and here we are down at the bottom again, this time with Pickle. She likes to come with us and when we’re not busy sniffing, we like to chase her up trees!


That’s Ellie on the other side of the stream. And there’s another of those oak tree sticks!


That’s Ellie jumping the stream, taking a shortcut instead of going over the bridge or the tree trunk.


Is that a bird I can hear??


All the critters live under ferns and here Ellie and I are doing joint digging under this big fern… I’ve been training her in the art of digging the perfect hole.


We’re always on the lookout for ferns hiding the critters so we have a lot of checking to do.


Even after two or three circuits Ellie is still bouncing around.


We don’t often come up to this bit of the garden because there are apple trees up behind the garage, so we try to look as if we’re not going to run off and hunt for apples!


Well, that’s the end of another garden walk… so now it’s time for breakfast and a bit of a snooze before lunch.


~ by Teagan on November 27, 2013.

13 Responses to “Morning perambulation…”

  1. There seems to be a lot to smell and chase and dig right in your garden. I’m glad you are teaching Ellie how to do all that correctly. In order to see all those things we have to have a woods walk. Except of course the moles we seem to have one in the front and one in the back. Have fun!

    • It’s a tough job trying to get Ellie to do anything, she’s very stubborn sometimes! We both try to catch the mole but get told off when we dig up the molehills, don’t know why because we think lawn holes look good.

  2. I always enjoy your walks, when I read your blog and look at your delightful pictures it is like being back in Dorset for a short while. Thanks

  3. Wow , Haven’t your ferns grown, your garden looks like a miniature rainforest.. with some very gorgeous 4 legged inhabitants.. I wonder whether you have one SUPER giant mole making those garden patterns!

    We always enjoy your lovely blog page. Teagan and Ellie look so aloke now.
    love from Jack and Pip the little bruvver!

  4. Golly, don’t you have a HUGE garden! Looks like a lovely place to sniff, dig and explore…

  5. Looks like it is time to weed out some critters in your garden. If you need assistance, call, I’ll be right over 🙂

  6. Good to kno yoo iz on guard Teegun my pal… arsd werk keepin da skwizzers at bay

  7. I like Moles! Do you have an opinion on them?

    Do have a Happy Bone (and Tripe) Filled Christmas! One and All.

    Well the Dogs should have the bones and tripe and the humans whatever they like of course.


    The Cat

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