The Field

Today we went for a walk up to the horse field. We do it most days but today it was different because today it’s OUR field!


We went through the gap by the gate and then up the slope.


Such a lot of new smells to investigate.


And look – a huge poo pile!


What a lot, I think we’ll stick to eating the fresh stuff.


We found the water meter and Ellie took the opportunity to dig a quick hole… well, always best to never miss an opportunity.


Can’t wait until we come up here with daddy and the ball flinger.


I think there’s been a fox up here… mmmm fox, lovely


Such a lot to investigate.


And we’ve even got somewhere to shelter from the rain as this field shelter is unoccupied at present.


We can just sit and look at the view if we want to.


Or we can go down to the stable block and talk to Lady. Tee hee, this photo makes it look as if she’s wearing buckets on her feet. Today is also the day that Ellie put her nose on the electric fence – I don’t think she’ll be doing that again. I’d laugh but I’ve done it myself a couple of times and it’s jolly painful, though I reckon she squealed even louder than I did it.


Well I’m going to be kept pretty busy guarding everything so I’m off home for a nap.


~ by Teagan on December 12, 2013.

5 Responses to “The Field”

  1. Thank you for letting me go along on your walk. I enjoyed seeing Lady and she has a really nice stable. You have to be careful of the electric fences. The mule (Buckwheat) that lives next to us has one, but I think he has learned not to go too close. Always good to have lots of new things to sniff. Have a good rest of your day and evening.

  2. Looks like a brilliant place for a good romp!

  3. poor Ellie getting her nose zapped like that on the fence. sounds like you all had good fun, though. 🙂

  4. Really nice landscape a cool place to take a walk full of smells and fun stuff to do!
    Cheerful tail-wag from El Dogerio 🙂

  5. Congratulations of securing your own field, keep it horse free I say.

    Have to say I am as impressed by the big pile of err, um, oh what do you call it ah yes, horse’s dodo as you seem to be! Glad to see you didn’t dive into it like some Dogs would!

    Lastly I am loving the pink lead!


    The Cat

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