Holt Heath Walk

Well, I’ve not managed to get the staff to do my blog for ages – dad was walking me and Ellie for over a month, while mum had her bad back, and he doesn’t take the camera to take lots of pictures. But mum’s walking okay now so the camera is out again and we have some new photos. And the sun’s been shining. When dad was walking us it was mostly raining and rainy pictures aren’t nice.


This is one of our favourite water spots for having a sniff and a paddle. We don’t usually swim in this one but we do sometimes.


This is another water hole and we do swim in this one.


Someone left p-mail.


We can run wild and free without having to worry about bumping into anything or anyone!


Well, sometimes we do bump into people. On Friday we met a nice man who was out walking his two dogs. They were both quite old and the big white shepherd, called Bear, was recovering from a poorly leg so wasn’t allowed to run around. We both said hello to him, even Ellie sniffed noses – he was absolutely ginormous!! The little dog looked a bit grumpy so we didn’t speak to him. The nice man was going home to make some flat pack furniture, I hope he didn’t have any bits left over! It’s funny what people get to talking about, us dogs have a quick sniff of each other and maybe a quick game of chase, but humans talk mostly about their furkids and then somehow get onto other random topics…. like flatpack furniture. Weird.


There are some great holes on the sandy bits of the footpaths – at this spot there are about 4 or 5 holes and whenever we walk past we both stop and have a quick dig in each of the holes. I think lots of other dogs do the same thing because the holes are getting bigger!


Ellie is more into water than I am. Even though she’s not got a big furry coat like me, she’s always first into the water for a paddle or a swim!


We do a lot of running and chasing near the water. I like to try and get Ellie to fall over in the mud… because I’m the evil big sister.


Sometimes I tell her I’m going in for a swim and then I don’t… leaving her to go in on her own. Tee hee, this photo makes it look like I’ve got a green tufty hat on.


Is it cold? I always recommend dipping a toe in first to check.


On one part of our walk the footpath goes through the trees and we can’t see people coming so Ellie has to go on her lead in case we meet a horse or a doggy that doesn’t want a silly puppy bouncing around in its face… you know, someone like me.


When we get to the end of that bit of the path Ellie is allowed off her lead again and we get to walk along the boardwalk. Here I’m carrying a great big stick and Ellie hasn’t got one. She finds a little tiny one but doesn’t pick it up because it looks silly against my big one.


This is me trying to hide the big stick. Honestly, how am I supposed to hide a stick when Ellie is ‘sneaking’ up behind me and mum is pointing the camera at me.


She thinks I don’t know she’s watching, but I can hear her breathing.


That little black blob in the water is Ellie swimming. She’s quite a good swimmer – took to it like a er, um,  spaniel?


~ by Teagan on January 26, 2014.

10 Responses to “Holt Heath Walk”

  1. I’m glad to hear that your Mum is better. We here at The Cat HQ were wondering where she had gone and if she had a Sony camera similar to the one we bought the lens from which jammed and Sony refused to repair under warranty robbing little sods.

    It isn’t our fault that John has the strength of 20 Japanese and decided to ‘encourage’ the lens to retract after it had decided to not work, he described what he did to the Sony repair staff as wringing its neck, tee hee. They are a bit wary of John and some say quite rightly har ha.

    Still, little do they know he is just a big pussycat who is going to bad mouth Sony and their new mirror less cameras until they give in.

    I see you were taking a nice log home were you going to start working on some furniture of your own? Inspired by your conversation with the flatpacked man?

    • We’re glad too, and so is dad, he’s not used to having to walk us every day during the week. We have a Panasonic Lumix, the tough version that can be dropped and go swimming. It’s also supposed to be dust-proof – she has 3 deceased Lumix cameras that have dust inside and one where the lens stopped going in and out. Idiot-proof is best for her because she just shoves it in her coat pocket and uses auto setting most of the time.
      Sad to say that my lovely log mysteriously disappeared… I put it down for 2 minutes while I spuddled about in some water and next thing I knew it had gone.

  2. Another great walk for you both !

    • Not as exciting as your walks! I can’t wait until Ellie is old enough and sensible enough to go for longer walks in more exciting places. Until then I’m happy with the heath walks.. any walk is better than no walk at all and the heath is a pretty snifftastic place.

  3. Great fun as always! We have a huge weakness in this house for gorgeous black spaniels.

    • Obviously we are a bit biased when it comes to black spaniels but we like most of the other colours too! I’m a little jealous of my friend Shelby, she’s a gorgeous orange and white… always fancied having orange fur…. but it’s not to be.

  4. What a fab walk!!

  5. Dat look like a pawsome walk my pal…..I due not prove of swimmin…dat for fishes….I do prove of ole diggin and snooterin about tho

  6. “p-mail” cracks me up. although, I’ve often heard it called “the daily news”. glad you enjoyed your walk out!

  7. I always enjoy walking along with you and I love the pictures. Glad that your Mommy is feeling better .

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