The perils of playing with sticks

They may be fun but they can also be very dangerous.

This is a blog post by Mrs Skeats about her dog Joe-Boy, who loved to play with sticks.

Don’t let another good dog die needlessly.

Balls are good but not quite the same as a good stick, so how about Safestix..

Safestix are a great alternative. 



~ by Teagan on January 28, 2014.

5 Responses to “The perils of playing with sticks”

  1. We have known for a long time that sticks are dangerous. Luckily, we don’t play much with sticks. Sometimes I will carry one for a while on a walk but then I leave it. We aren’t allowed to have sticks in the yard as I would chew them and that is dangerous.

  2. I can’t say I have ever seen the point of playing with sticks, running for balls, collecting them and taking them back to clumsy humans who only toss then aside for dogs to run after then again out of the kindness of their sill hearts.

    However if you are into sticks and I know dogs are then these do look the fellas to have. It would be hard to lose any of them even in the dark wouldn”t it?

    Keep up the good work blogging and stick/ball fetching! I hope you don’t get the deluge of snow forecast, we have already had ours and it would be armpit depth on a certain black dog I know.


    The Cat

  3. I would chase sticks if people threw them so I’m very happy for you to warn them not to! I love chasing balls though…

  4. What a horrible end to a beautiful pal.. Pip loves stones of every size and shape and he finds sticks to chew also.

    Thank you for sharing this very sad story Teagan.. we must be careful and watchful always xx

    Love from Jack and Pip xx

  5. Oh that’s awful and sad. I don’t chase sticks, but i do like chew them when given the chance

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