An Airfield Meet up

Yesterday mum and me went out in the car to meet up with my pals Jack and Pip for a walk at the old Tarrant Rushton airfield. My sis Ellie-Mae wasn’t allowed to come with us because she’s all hormonal at the moment, you know, it’s ‘that time of the year’ for her. Not that I understand much about it because I’ve never had to go through it, but Ellie being Ellie has to be different. Anyway, it won’t be long before she’s packed off to the vet for her ‘op’ and then we won’t have to worry about it any more.

Her brother Pip is growing into a very handsome young fellow, we all had a good sniff and run around, though Jack and I did more sniffing than running. Pip made up for it by doing lots of running and jumping around.


Me watching Pip sniffing out critters.


Pip deciding whether to run or sniff…


Pip looking a bit indecisive again while I get on with sniffing.


A bit more sniffing – well, there really were some interesting sniffs, it was a good job there were three of us to check them out.


Oh no, rain clouds coming… quick, run faster Pip.


OK, who’s going to move first…. shall we move a little closer together?


Me and Pip having a stand off. He’s trying to make me do some bonkers zoomies with him but I’m not having any of it. Get enough of that at home with Ellie.


Jack and I were happy to sniff while Pip did the running around.


Group sniffs – there are lots of little holes in the tufty grass so there must be a gazillion mice and moles and critters. Even now Pip is cantering along while us grownups take a more leisurely pace.


Eventually Jack and Pip had to go home… Jack looked quite sad to be back in his crate ready for the journey home, but he doesn’t have to worry because as soon as Ellie is back to ‘normal’ (BOL whatever that is, I don’t think she’s ever been normal) we’re going to go over to visit them at their house.

Thank you Auntie Maggie for bringing the boys over to play.


~ by Teagan on February 20, 2014.

4 Responses to “An Airfield Meet up”

  1. Ahh Hello Teagan, what a lovely walk we had , the sun shone , and the dark clouds kept their rain drops hidden!

    We all played so well together, and we hadn’t forgotten you either.

    love from all of us , and see you again soon xx

  2. What a fun day you had and what a lot of space to do doggy things in! I liked the last picture from a cat’s point of view a dog in a cage is a welcome sight, but you are right Jack does looks sad bless him.

    However he is a good looking pup, almost as good looking as my only doggie friend Teagan!

    lastly here is a shout of for Irish/Red Setters everywhere, there just aren’t enough of these fine looking chaps around are there?

  3. Looks like you found some great sniffs… I love sniffing around holes in fields and woods – you never know what you might find!

  4. What a great time you had!

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