Flowers by Lola

A little while ago I entered a competition run by one of my favourite doggy websites Chelsea Dogs and I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive a wonderful collar accessory from Lola.  She makes the loveliest flowers and bows that can be attached to collars and I chose the pink spotty flower.

A The Box

Isn’t that just the most gorgeous parcel? I can’t believe that any fashion conscious girl wouldn’t love to have the postman pop a bright pink jiffy bag through the letterbox – the presentation is perfect and they would make ideal presents for those special occasions! No need to worry about wrapping which is always difficult with paws. It’s been ages since I’ve done any modelling so I tried it on straight away.

B Indoors

If I do say so myself, I do look rather gorgeous don’t I!

C outdoors closeup

And here I am outside in the garden.

Looking forward to camera

And again, sitting amongst the primroses.

Looking forward

It’s very comfortable to wear, even with my long ears, it sits perfectly on the collar wherever you want it.

Standing by Tulip

I match the pink primulas and tulips.

Z Headless

And just for fun, here’s a picture of me without a head!

If you’re a boy they have some fabulous bows for you too – although you could wear a flower if you want to.. in fact even though I’m a girl I quite like the bows, they’re very smart indeed. So, don’t forget to hop over to Lolas website to check them out, or you can also see them here at Chelsea Dogs.

Anyway, I would just like to say thank you very much to the lovely Theodore at Chelsea Dogs and also another big thank you to Lola. I shall be wearing my flower the next time I go out visiting and I’m sure I’ll be getting lots of compliments.



~ by Teagan on April 14, 2014.

6 Responses to “Flowers by Lola”

  1. Teagan, what a lovely collar for a very clever dog. The collar suits you down to the ground, though I imagine that you think it could be improved with a slash or two of mud here and there!

    The headless picture is pure magic and of course my favourite! I tend to think that Dogs would be more harmless if you took away their heads and by association their knashers!

    Imagine all of those drug dealers with their fierce especially trained Pitbulls who threaten and generally annoy passers-by with their snarling mutts if they didn’t come with the regular amount of white shiny sharp things, wonderful tee hee


    The Cat

    • BOL I thought the headless pic was good too… tee hee, saved from the delete button.
      It’s far too nice to get muddy, I shall only wear it when I’m going ‘out’ and not for regular walks.

  2. Is lookin very nice Teegun my pal…owever i just say dat I not trust nuffing by any fur called Lola…dat just i pawsonal hexperience…..yoo now wot I meen…

    • This Lola is a bit bigger than your Lola… but I guess once you’ve been Lola’d you’re gonna be a bit cautious in future 😉

  3. Very pretty!

  4. You look so lovely:-)

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