On Thursday there was light…

It all started on Wednesday when the men with the digger and the ‘trench digger’ arrived to dig a trench up through the field to the stables so that we could have electricity in the stables and lights for the winter.

So, to start at the beginning.. here is the digger unloading itself from the transport, with the help of a driver of course.


The trench cutter arrived afterwards and I reckon the best way to show you a ‘trench cutter’ is to show you it in action!  It was a bit noisy for me so I didn’t watch up close, just examined the results afterwards.

it digs really neat, slim, deep trenches like this.


Unfortunately it turned out that this field wasn’t just any field, this was a field with lots of sandstone under the ground. And trench cutters don’t like sandstone. So, it was taken back to the carpark ready to be loaded up to go home again.


The digger had to take over afterwards… not quite as neat but it still did the job.


Here is one of the rocks that came out of the ground… it’s no wonder the trench cutter didn’t like it much.


When they got to the bottom of the hill the digger had to dig a trench across the road – it digs a nice deep trench but not as neatly as the trench cutter.


Here it is being used to put the fence posts back again.


And this is the field we dug the trench through… it’s a really steep slope.


This is me examining the trench to make sure the electric cable and water pipe are far enough down in the ground.


Another picture of the trench cutter in action, or perhaps it was just ‘resting’.


So, after all that digging the electrician came today and fixed the big cable so that we could have electricity up in the stables. And that was about it.

Yes indeed folks, on the Thursday there was light in the darkness and it was wondrous.




~ by Teagan on July 31, 2014.

4 Responses to “On Thursday there was light…”

  1. I thought at first you had been invaded by frackers or worse the unwashed protestors that follow them around.

    I am so pleased for your horsey chums that they have had electricity laid to their stables now that they have light and power do you think that they will have parties.

    Nice lead by the way!

    have a great weekend and let’s hope that the horses keep the noise of their record players down!


    The Cat

  2. how fun and interesting to watch that. 🙂 and nice to have light too.

  3. Love your blogs big time!! Great pics and story. Xxx

  4. Wow, what a great long hole and fresh earth to sniff at!

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