Friday Flower Walk

On Friday afternoon we went to Manswood for a walk. The horrid heat has gone and it was lovely and cool and cloudy so we could go out earlier than when the sun is shining and it’s baking hot. Here I am on the big chunk of tree where the footpaths all cross. Someone has stuck some feathers in it.. somewhere there’s a bird with no tail feathers.


The combines have been out so I had lots of fun running in the stubble and trying to find the straw critters hiding in the piles of straw.


This is an odd sticky dead tree that sits at the top of the hill.


The sly was looking even greyer than it had been when we started out. We haven’t walked across this field before because it was full of oilseed rape before and when it’s really tall it’s not very nice to walk through.


This is a view from the top of the hill.


And another one a bit further over..


and another…


and the last one.



I suppose you could be wondering where all the flowers are…. well, there were such a lot of different flowers that we’ve put them in a slideshow.

1 Aug 2014-SD (480p)

We weren’t too sure if the Flickr slideshow was going to work, but it did… so next time we’ll spend a bit more time doing it and find some less plink plonky music.



~ by Teagan on August 2, 2014.

2 Responses to “Friday Flower Walk”

  1. Great bloggy and fab pictures! Xx

  2. The last picture is a… um…err… picture! Pretty dog pretty daisies!

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