A Walk with the Gingers!

Oops, that’s probably a non-pc title isn’t it? But honestly they’re all ginger, not a spec of black between them, and a gorgeous bunch of girls! Come to think of it, even my morning walk was with Pickle who’s a tortie so a part-ginger. These are a few pics from one of our morning walks up in the field, starting with us walking along the footpath.


And this is me sitting down by the fence staring through the stock fencing watching my friend Simon. If the gaps in the fence weren’t so small, I’d be down there saying hello toy im.


As usual, Pickle came along too, she’s still doing her #bemoredog thing and trots along just like a dog. She even pants like a dog with her tongue out.


She doesn’t get as distracted as I do, though sometimes she stops to climb a tree or chase a critter in the long grass.


She’s getting ahead of me here.


I thought I heard noises from down in the car park, could it be someone coming to see the horses? Maybe not, just a false alarm.


All quiet down the hill and it’s going to be another lovely sunny day.


We walk all the way round the field.. by now Pickle is panting like a dog.


Mum tried to get a picture of her with her tongue out but she moves too fast. Anyway, now onto the proper gingers. We went over to visit my bestest Auntie Susie and Maja and Shelby who you’ve probably seen before, but it was also my first time meeting their new pup Ilka who’s 10 months old now.


Ilka is a Vizsla like Maja – isn’t she pretty?


This is me and Shelby, we’ve been friends for a long time now.  I think she likes having another short pup to walk out with.


Maja and Ilka were miles ahead of us.


We went for a lovely long walk but it was difficult for mum to get pictures of all four of us. Most of the pictures she took were all blurry because we move so fast.


Here we are at the top of a hill. That’s Ilka at the top.


Here we are going down the hill.. I was having a bit of a bonkers moment because of all the sand. I don’t know what it is but sand always makes me go bonkers.


And here we’re on our way back to the car. Shelby and I look like we’re not friends but we are really.  We had a great time and I think we should do it again really soon.


~ by Teagan on September 9, 2014.

5 Responses to “A Walk with the Gingers!”

  1. A lovely walk Teagan, and how nice to go with friends… I think the last pic looks like you and Shelby jointly patrolling each side of the path in case of interesting critters in the grasss…

  2. glad you had a nice walk! fun that Pickle likes to join you. 😉

  3. Walkin wiv a cat my pal? Dussnt kno if i prooves of dat…like da new doggies do…

  4. What a lovely walk

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