Wednesday Wanderings

 It was a lovely evening tonight, just the right temperature, not too hot and not too cold. We decided to try a new bit of footpath that we’d not tried before – it went diagonally across this field that had lots of tiny stacks of straw. Most of them were 2 bales high but this one was just 1 bale high so I hopped on for a photo opportunity.



We had to walk all the way across the field and at the other side mum had to help me over a stile because it wasn’t at all dog friendly. Boo hiss. What’s a big labrador supposed to do? Mum can pick me up but if I was any bigger she’d struggle to get me up and over the steps. Anyway, when we eventually got over the stile we had to do a bit of road walking but first we sat for a while on this bench.



We had to walk quite a way but the road was very quiet, we only saw one car the whole time we were on it.



We’d been walking along Crichel Lane and then got to this junction where we turned back down towards Manswood.IMG_0885

There are some nice old houses with great big chimneys. 



It was good to be back on footpaths instead of tarmac. My paws don’t like roads very much but mum says it keeps my nails down.



After our walk we went to visit Granny and by the time we drove home it was dark and the Super Moon was out! It really did look big and pink and very Super as we were going along the road but it just looks like a little white dot here! IMG_0894

Maybe we’ll have better luck next time there’s a Super Moon, or perhaps you should just look at someone else’s photos!



~ by Teagan on September 10, 2014.

2 Responses to “Wednesday Wanderings”

  1. What a lovely pic xx

  2. Another lovely walk – I like the one of you on your bale of straw 🙂

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