Tribal Treats!!

My friend Theodore at Chelsea Dogs contacted me last week to see if I could help out with a bit of treat testing… He and his canine colleagues have to try out all the products and sometimes they need to get extra help so of course I was only too happy to oblige.

So, a couple of days later a package arrived in the post containing two packs of Tribal dog treats – Liver & Lavender and Beef & Tomato. They have other flavours too – Tuna (I figured Pickle might want to eat those), Coconut, Banana & Peanut Butter (that one’s Theodore’s favourite) and Apple, Mint & Ginger (I eat a lot of minty horse treats so I reckon these could be good too) – but anything meaty is always a safe bet. Oops, almost forgot there’s a Chicken & Flaxseed treat and also some Cheese, Carrot & Sunflower seed ones too – now they sound really good, I shall see if mum can get me some of those as cheese & carrot are two of my favourite things… and I’m sure sunflower seeds must be good too.

Mmmm can't wait to get started

Mmmm can’t wait to get started

Well, we did encounter a slight problem straight away – opening the packet. I couldn’t manage it with my paws so of course I had to let mum do it for me. Could she get in? No… the top wouldn’t tear off and she had to resort to scissors. Sheesh, how hard can it be to find a pair of scissors? Eventually she found some and then we were in… the aroma was good and I think the humans would give them 10/10 because they’re not stinky like my tripe sticks. In fact I reckon you could pop a few of these in your coat pocket on a walk and not end up with a smelly pocket. They’re also nice & biscuity and they won’t leave a greasy mark either.

Waiting for the treat

Waiting for the treat

Okay, well let me have it… now please… I’ve got a mouthful of drool and that’s not a good look.

Mmmm nom nom

Mmmm nom nom

At last… all this posing is rather inconvenient when all I want to do is get down to the eating. To get the full effect you’ll need to have your volume turned up, they really are super crunchy…

Well, testing just once wasn’t enough… I had to do more tests to see if I had a preference.

Liver & lavender or Beef & Tomato?

Liver & lavender or Beef & Tomato?

Waiting… always waiting, waiting for the command…

But it was a close thing...

But it was a close thing…

Liver and Lavender won that time but to be honest they were only a foot apart and I really wasn’t that bothered which one I ate first, I knew I was going to get both in the end.

Liver and Lavender or Beef and Tomato

Liver and Lavender or Beef and Tomato

And once more, just to make sure. Er, make sure of what? That I like them? How many times do I have to try them before they’re declared well and truly ‘tested’.

They're both good

They’re both good

I think mum forgot which one she put on which side but I really didn’t care, I ate them both anyway.

Pickle wanted to get in on the act

Pickle wanted to get in on the act

Excuse me!!! I think you’ll find that these are ‘dog’ treats and not ‘cat’ treats. And they most definitely aren’t for playing with. Pickle was shooed out the way so I could carry on with the delicate task of taste testing. The Liver and Lavender ones are ideal for bed time treats – the packet says that they are ‘rich in nutrients with a calming aroma to keep your dog happy and relaxed’ and suggests a couple before bedtime. The beef and tomato ones are a ‘source of antioxidants for strong immune health’ and Tribal suggest having them in the morning to help keep your dog in tip top shape. I’m all for that.

Time for bed after all that tasting

Time for bed after all that tasting

So, after a hard couple of days of crunching and sniffing and deliberating, I came to the conclusion that I like both treats the same, which is just as well because I can have the beef & tomato ones in the morning and the liver & lavender ones before bedtime. I’d give them both a big five star paws-up and would recommend them to any discerning canines looking for yummy healthy treats. With morning and evening treats that just leaves a large portion of the day with no treats but I’m pretty sure some of the other flavours would be suitable for elevenses and mid-afternoon snackeroonies.

Finally, I’d like to woof a big thank you to Theodore at Chelsea Dogs for asking me to try these fab treats and give a big paws-up to the folk at Tribal for making them. Before you go, why not go and take a look for yourself?  Better still, try some, I think you’ll love them. And I don’t say that about any old treat… it may be hard to believe but there are some things that I refuse to eat!

It’s been a busy few days so I’m off to bed now for some rest and relaxation with the help of a couple of the liver and lavender treats of course.


~ by Teagan on November 9, 2014.

8 Responses to “Tribal Treats!!”

  1. Aww gorgeous doggy!

  2. It’s such a good job that you are enjoying being a, guinea p…, no that isn’t right, a crash Dumm… no that isn’t right either. Let’s start again.

    You look as though you are enjoying those treats and I have to say the photograph entitled ‘Waiting for the treat’ is remarkably flattering, I didn’t know that your nose was ‘that’ big. Still you look tiny in comparison to the treat.

    Keep up the good munching!


    The Cat

  3. Pawsome treets my pal…iz grate seein yoo in da furs in yore viddyoh too…yoo is mitey pritty….and dem snacks DO sownd crunchee….

    • Ooh you made me blush. BOL it’s a good job you couldn’t see all the drool which isn’t exactly ladylike! Yup, they are more crunchy than most… kind of as crunchy as those fishy treats.

  4. Gosh they are crunchy, good testing Teagan! I think Stella would love the coconut & banana & peanut butter version, I will have to look out for these 🙂

  5. Lucky you!

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