The Meeting!!

I finally got to meet my beau, the incredibly handsome Mr Kipling from California! Yes, a few weeks ago he flew across the sea in a big airplane and has taken up residence in sunny Sidmouth… which is a bit different to sunny California, but who cares. It’s not very far away and yesterday mum and I went down to meet him and his lovely social secretary.

The journey started off very well indeed, we were only one car behind this van carrying pet supplies – so in the event of an emergency of some kind, I would be well catered for!!


Not far into the journey we came across some road works where we had to wait a while to drive through in convoy, which was quite exciting. It looked like this big crane thing was trying to pick up the UPS delivery van!


And here we are at the end of the convoy journey. The man on his little quad bike jumped off and got ready to go and fetch the traffic coming in the opposite direction.


There were a couple of other little traffic delays but it wasn’t long before we could see the sea! It’s been so long since I’ve been to the beach that I’d forgotten what it looked like.


We found Mr Kipling’s residence without too much trouble and he invited mum and me inside so that we could say hello properly. There was rather a lot of bouncing and wagging so we popped outside so I could have a quick wee (oops, must remember not to do it on the grass…. a man came and told us off) and then we went to sit down for a bit while our staff drank some tea.


This is Mr Kipling on his Orvis bed. I’ve seen them in the Orvis catalogue but always wanted to try one out to see whether they’re as comfy as they look.


So I did. Mr Kipling didn’t mind at all, so I hopped in and tried it out. Wowzer, it was super-duper comfy. I wonder if I’ll be able to persuade daddy to get me one for my birthday.


Enough tea and chat, it was time to go out. So we got ourselves ready and headed off out to the beach.


Here we are… Mr Kipling was really eager and couldn’t wait to be let off his lead.


We were both off our leads and ready to do zoomies on the beach – it was great because there weren’t any other people on there.


Hey, wait for me.


Here we are doing some zooming.

I’ve got the ball..


Mr Kipling’s got the ball..


And here we are doing some more zooming.

We made lots of paw prints chasing around after the balls.



I think Mr Kipling got a bit puffed out.



But we did lots more zooming around.. not always in the same direction.



It was time for a bit of a paddle to cool off a bit.



And then a bit more ball chasing.



And some more zoomies.


And then a bit of everything.


The water was lovely but the humums didn’t want to join us.



Look at all this sand! So much space to run.


Still more zoomies


And then a walk down the other end of the beach.


It was a bit stonier and I think I liked the smooth sand best.


There was a house at the top of the tall cliffs, I think it might fall in one day so we stayed away just in case.


I like leaving my paw print trails in the wet sand.


Tee hee, Mr Kipling wasn’t looking quite as clean and tidy as when we’d left his house earlier on! His white bits had all turned sandy brown.


I think this bit was my favourite place on the beach, but soon it was time to go and find somewhere for lunch.


We went to ‘Dukes’ for lunch – a nice man gave us a Bonio each and our mums had fish and chips but let us have a few little bits. There were no doggy meals on the menu – in California they have proper dog meals on the menus. Hmm I think Mr Kipling has his work cut out to make places over here more doggy friendly!


We were quite tired so we lay down and did some human watching.


And then it was time to go.



How cool is this? Blankies to wrap up in when you sit outside! And a cap to keep your head warm!



So, that was it. Our first meeting. A perfect day.

Next time he’s going to come and visit us at our house and I’ll be able to show him round our field and take him to our local pub.



~ by Teagan on December 10, 2014.

10 Responses to “The Meeting!!”

  1. Oh boy, it looks like you had a GREAT time, with all that zzoming and chasing balls and a dip in the sea. What a fab day!

  2. He looks like a nice sort of chap. Was it love at first bite? How was the language gap, I always find that Americans are a little difficult to understand. I hope he didn’t offer you nylons and bubble gum, they did that to nice young girls in the war you know!

    Sidmouth is wondeful isn’t it? I see the sun was having a day off, good job the sea was providing a bit of fun and those rock pools look sublime, if you like water that is. Personally I am so hydrophobic that some think I am rabid tee hee.

    Hope you have many more days out soon, especially as the weather is turning ‘interesting.’

    As you now know I am in Tashkent currently, it is snowy and minus 9 shiver. As yet I haven’t taken any photographs apart from one of a few tubs of ketchup with bizarre names for my wonderful blog.

    Have a wonderful December and loads of presents.

    You pal,

    The Cat

  3. You will be pleased to hear that Mr Kipling is a proper english springer spaniel so no american twang in his woof! The sun declined to make an appearance, choosing to shine on the day before and also today.. but isn’t that always the way. At least it didn’t rain.
    I have made a note to not put Tashkent on my list of places to go.
    Hope you also manage to have a lovely December and celebrate discreetly… you won’t want to upset anyone by going out wearing a Santa suit or singing carols. Have fun making a snowman for me please.

  4. What wonderful pictures ! So happy to see you having so much fun with Mr. Kipling and his staff ! Thank you so much for posting, we feel almost as if we are there – my staff is off to put a jacket on ! Though I would have asked for my own order of chips ! From Winslow

    • I have a feeling that soon there will be somewhere in Sidmouth to order a proper ‘dogs dinner’… though I was rather impressed at being given a whole Bonio, usually it’s just a small treat that doesn’t do much to fill a hungry tummy. Running on the beach works up a big hunger that needs something filling like sausages. Mr K was telling me all about you, all very good and I think he misses you lots.

  5. Oh how fabulous! I see Mr Kipling has a lovely matching lead to Stella’s collar that I bought her at Crufts, very handsome. What fun you both had, bet you can’t wait till next time?! 🙂

    • He did and they look very good together. I mostly use a slip lead so I don’t get leads to match collars… heavens, I don’t think mum could cope if I had a lead to match every collar!
      Next time will be great because I can take him to some of my favourite places, I’m hoping we won’t have to wait too long for our next meeting!

  6. what a fun time!

  7. That was so exciting. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures . I felt like I was right there with you.

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