Snow Day!!!

Everyone else has been getting some snow and this morning it was our turn to have some snow! It came down overnight and surprised us when we woke up and saw it! This is the track up to the horse field, untrodden on by humans, so I couldn’t wait to leave a nice trail of paw prints.


Pickle came too of course. She hasn’t really seen snow before – it was snowing on the day daddy went to collect her but she was quite young then and probably doesn’t remember much about it. Poor Fordson looks a bit cold and lonely doesn’t he. I bet he’s really looking forward to find a nice new home with someone who will put him in a nice warm garage and buy him lots of new bits.


Here’s Pickle walking back along the footpath. We found human footprints up here and we used our little grey cells to work out that they belonged to Uncle Simon.


This is me having my Eddie the Eagle moment…. am I going to run and launch myself off the top of this hill?


After we’d said hello to the horses we went up the road to see what the view was like from the bench.


This was me scouting round trying to find a good spot to have my morning poo. Snow makes the decision very hard, I ended up choosing a tuft of grass. And yes mum did bag it and we parked it on a fence post and picked it up on our way home.


The footpath had seen quite a few people already, well, maybe two or three.


Here I am at my usual spot where mum takes a photo of me.


When we got to the edge of the field look who we bumped into! It was Freddie, William and Bilbo!!

Bilbo seems to have grown such a lot since we last saw him! He’s 8 months old now and is really big but still very leggy and incredibly bouncy.


We had great fun chasing each other around.


I got left behind because I was getting snow balls on my legs and between my toes.


Mum forgot to grease me up this morning but if we get any more snow she’ll remember to do it next time.

Meanwhile, it was a half and half day – in the afternoon we went to the heath and most of the snow had gone from there. We saw this little robin looking for bugs on the trees.


We stopped to say hello to the horses again. This one seems to like sticking his head across the barbed wire fence to get at the ‘greener grass’ and the tastier gorse… he’s ripped the collar on his rug.

This one is at it too – stretching over the fence to get to the gorse on the other side… gorse? They must have really thick tough mouths to eat all those prickles.


Well that’s about it for our snow and non-snow walk.

We only did the short walk today because we wanted to go out in the garden again when we got home because we still have snow at home. Definitely no snow here in the bracken!



~ by Teagan on February 2, 2015.

7 Responses to “Snow Day!!!”

  1. I like the snow! Maybe you can go sledging soon. 😉

  2. What fun! It must be nice to only get snow occasionally. I especially like the coat! Very fashionable. Pickle looks as though he is doing a very close tot he ground high-wire act, the safest sort of course.

    Shame there aren’t any pictures of Pickle’s next daredevil act ;0)

    As always your blog is lovely.

    Oh I have just realised that typing this smiley face on a black background creates a face like Al Jolson :0) Mammy!

  3. I always enjoy your walks. Looks like you enjoy the snow. We live in Virginia and have had just a dusting of snow last week. Thank you for taking me along. Sending lots of hugs.

  4. Can’t beat a good play in the snow!

  5. Love it.

    Hugs T xxx

    Sent from my exquisite 4G LTE iPhone 6


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