Ruby & Duke Boxes!!

OMD where do I start, today was just sooo exciting! Yesterday a box arrived in the post, addressed to me… but we were in the car on our way out when the postman came so mum put the box in the shed. Can you believe that? My parcel got put in the shed.

It was eventually retrieved and I couldn’t wait for her to open it for me. I was going to try out a Ruby & Duke box and I was only too happy to volunteer my services. Before it arrived we’d looked at the website which explained that Ruby & Duke boxes are a subscription thing where you can have a box a month delivered to your door and each box will always contain a different selection of goodies! How cool is that?

This is MY box.


My #DukeBox from Ruby & Duke

I started off by having a good sniff to check everything out.


Mmmm nom nom I can smell treats… I think I should try those first.


I decided that I wanted to try the natures:menu Venison with Blueberry snacks first… ‘Seriously Meaty Deliciously Tasty and very Healthy’ is what it said on the packet, so mum told me. Oh who cares, just give me one right now.


Oops I couldn’t even wait to pose nicely for the first one… I was right in there, no polite waiting until i was told I could take it!


For the second one I was a little more restrained! Well, that choice of treat certainly went down very well indeed. I give them a paws up.


In the box was also a Rosewood Chubleez squeaky toy with an empty water bottle inside. Double fun, it squeaks and makes a loud noise when you squish the bottle!


Oooh a Kong squeakier tennis ball. What dog doesn’t love a good quality tennis ball… especially one that squeaks!


So many things… oh look, a pack of 4 rolls of BecoBags which are eco friendly poop bags. Well, every dog does at least one poop per day, me, I do two… and just for a woof I sometimes do an extra one just for fun. Luckily mum usually has an emergency poo bag for those ‘extra’ little surprises. These little rolls are very handy to keep in the car and in coat pockets, and we love these eco friendly degradable bags – it says on the box that standard plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to degrade and a million plastic bags are used every minute! I’m glad we already use eco friendly bags. So, another great addition to the Ruby & Duke box.


Soopa Papaya treats? Really? Papaya? I’ve never seen these before. I don’t think these are something that mum would normally pick up for me to try – 100% Fruit & Veg Dog Chews, Low Calorie and 1/5 a day. I like apple and orange and also eat melon and strawberries, but I’ve never had papaya.


Can you see that I look a little reluctant to take this treat? I did take it and went to my bed to have a chew… first I dropped it and had a sniff. Then I picked it up and had a little bite.. and another bite.. and, do you know what? I liked it. These aren’t half bad… in fact they’re totally yummy! Now, if I’d not been sent a pack to try, I’d probably never ever have tried them!


Quick, give me another one! I’m a Papaya fan… and they’re low calorie so just right for a girl looking after her figure!

So, what did I think of my Ruby & Duke box? I thought it was great. To recap, inside my box I had:

A Kong Squeakair Tennis Ball

A box of 4 rolls eco friendly BeCo Bags

A Rosewood Chubleez Squeaky Comfort Dog toy

A 100g pack of Soopa Papaya 100% Fruit & Veg Dog Chews

A 50g pack of natures:menu Venison with Blueberry Seriously Meaty snacks

Certainly gets my 5 paw rating!

Huge thank you to Ruby & Duke for letting me try a fabulous #DukeBox. Now I just have to get mum to sign me up for a regular box, or perhaps I’ll just send a box to my friends on their birthdays! What a fab present that would be!

So, why not pay a visit to the Ruby & Duke website and have a look.

Special note for Jack, you know who you are! If you’re reading this, I know it’s your birthday very soon, so just close your eyes and forget you saw this!


I have been given my very own DISCOUNT CODE you can use to get 20% off the one month plan #Dukebox – how cool is that? All you have to do is put COCKERTEAGAN in the box when you check out but make sure you do it before the 14th May!!


~ by Teagan on March 19, 2015.

11 Responses to “Ruby & Duke Boxes!!”

  1. BOL! You lucky dog you! Nice teeth btw 😉

    • BOL thanks Fozzie! I can recommend the boxes… they do them to suit all sizes of dogs and I think they’re a great idea! At my last vet visit she said I should probably go for a dental as I’m going to be 7 soon… so I’ve been taking extra care and using my Plaque Off every day, so hopefully I won’t have to have my teeth done. I don’t like anaesthetics very much. Keep woofing!!

  2. Dat luk pawsome my pal….mebbe we try wun for Lola

  3. Love the boggy and pics. Nom nom nom Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. That was a great box Teagan and it’s so much fun getting surprises.

  5. You are one lucky dog 🙂

  6. Having a doggy bloggy catch-up and this caught Stella’s eye as she already has both of those treats. She actually just had a venison & blueberry one and says to tell you that Soopa also do sweet potato treats and coconut treats which are both naturally nommy too x

    • Lucky Stella! Those venison & blueberry treats are the best aren’t they… great with a soopa treat for afters! I shall look out for the other ones… thanks for the paws up on them.

  7. (TO MUSIC – any tune will do usually!)

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Teagan,
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Human lyrics are so touching aren’t they?

    However I wish my canine pal the happiest ‘tripeiest’ birthday ever, and never mind about the accumulated years, they aren’t showing yet!

    The Cat

    • Why thank you cat for remembering. That’s more than Pickle did, she’s been out and about chasing and killing things I expect. I’m having a very splendid day so far.

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