Dukebox for DOGS – NOT for Cats

I’d have posed nicely next to my April #Dukebox but I knew what it was and couldn’t wait to get in it to see what goodies were waiting to be discovered.


The boxes are a bit annoying because they require human assistance for those of us that are too polite to just chew them to pieces. But once the lid’s open then the contents are fair game.

First to get my attention was a packet of Lily’s Kitchen bedtime treats – oh boy, I have to confess I’ve tried these before and they are THE most delicious treats ever! Maybe that’s a little OTT but I’m a dog and let’s face it, anything I can eat is THE most delicious thing ever.


See, I do my proper sit up and say please for these.


Nom nom, these have two serious problems though… the first of which is that the packet isn’t big enough. You’ll see in a minute what the second problem is.


The packet got put back into the box so I could see what else was in there. A Beco Rope!! What pup doesn’t like chewing on a rope and this one looks jolly sturdy and very natural with pretty pastel colours running through it.


And another Beco item… a SPORK – well, I wasn’t too sure what to make of this but mum assures me that it’s great. Great for dishing out my raw food for dinner and mixing in my herbs and stuff. Washes well and it’s safe for me to do the pre-wash – no sharp edges! So no wasted chicken morsels.


Ooh and if I have any morsels stuck between my teeth I can chew on my pink toothbrush! This is definitely one for the favourites box – mum’s not so sure what the appeal is with the plastic squeaky toys, but us dogs know what we like. And squeakers are good. Just hurry up and cut the label off please.


Next in the box was a packet of Billy + Margot Popcorn for Dogs, with Seaweed. I don’t know about you but I’ve never tried popcorn and to be honest it looked a bit weird. I just looked at it. I tried a bit and spat it out. Picked it up again and then spat it out again.


Now remember what I said earlier about there being a second fault with the Lily’s Kitchen biscuits? Yup, you got it, the cat likes them. This is where she got in the box and ripped the packet open. She’s a very bad cat. If they were cat treats they’d have CAT on the packet.


She also likes the Soopa Papaya treats that were in the previous box – who ever heard of a cat liking papaya?


Well, we decided to venture outside and invite my little pal Missy to taste test the popcorn. Well, that was it, if she was going to eat it then so was I! Soon both of us were tucking in.


She stuck her head in the packet and helped herself. No manners at all.


Back in the garden I had another look at my Dukebox.


Mmm now Missy has gone I think I’ll have another bit of popcorn.


Yummy and fat free too so I don’t have to worry about the calories!


Favourite item in this box was definitely the pink squeaky toothbrush.


What a tiring day… time for a bit of a snooze.


Wouldn’t you just love your very own box of goodies that arrived once a month? They get despatched on the 15th of each month and you can sign up for a monthly plan, three months or twelve months.

If you’re a human reading this and you’d like to give a Dukebox to your furkid, er, that’s dog, not cat of course… you can get a whopping 20% off the monthly plan if you use the extra super special discount code “COCKERTEAGAN”. Go on, you know you want to… just make sure you CLICK HERE really soon so you’re in time for the next despatch.


~ by Teagan on May 9, 2015.

5 Responses to “Dukebox for DOGS – NOT for Cats”

  1. What dog size box did you order?

    • Hi there Carrie, As you can see, I’m a cocker spaniel and I’m a medium-size dog so I have the medium #DukeBox. The boxes are all the same size, but they have different contents for small dogs/puppies, medium dogs and LARGE dogs. If you do want to order, don’t forget to use my special code to get 20% off but do it before Friday as that’s when they send the boxes out. Wags from Teagan x

  2. I’m sure your pup will love it 🙂

  3. I wish I could have a box, but I have to have only low-fat treats cos of my colitis 😦

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