Tell me why….

Today it mostly rained. I got soaking wet this morning and my ears were still damp when we went out for our afternoon walk and that was after I’d spent the afternoon drying out. So, my first question is WHY do ears take so long to dry?

IMG_4735It wasn’t raining when we started out, we could even see some blue sky and sunshine, so we decided to go to Manswood because that’s where we thought the clear sky was. But in the time it took us to get there it had clouded over again but it didn’t look like the cloud was about to drop rain on us.

We walked up to the crossing and then took the track that goes past what remains of an old house. There are lots of beech trees along this route and they all seemed to have one thing in common!


Can you see them? You can click on the pic and it might get bigger.


Snails! Lots of snails all climbing up the tree trunks! Big ones, small ones, stripy ones, all sorts, all making their way up the trees!


Some of them were really high up and some were still just starting their journey.


I bet you already know what my next question is… WHY do they do it?


They’re all very tall trees and it must take them ages to get all the way up and then they’ll probably remember they forgot something and have to slither all the way down again.


See what a huge tree this was!


This one was a bit further along and it was an old dead tree without any leaves. It looks a bit like a huge wood creature with a big face and those lower branches are its arms sticking out.


Here are some nice young beech trees next to the remains of the old building that you can hardly see because of all the leaves.


We’re out in the open now and the sky’s looking even darker than before. But I’m too busy to worry about a bit of rain because I’m running through all that lovely barley chasing pheasants! I bet you can’t spot me!

It’s getting tall now and difficult to run through because I can’t see where I’m going so I have to boing a lot, or just a little when I know mum’s got the camera out!


Did that bird go this way? You can tell I’m concentrating because I’ve got my nose and tail pointy….

Anyway, back to the trees.


This is one of the old oaks that has a little disc nailed on it. The discs have numbers engraved on them. I also saw some of these on oak trees down at Holton Lee yesterday. So, WHY do they have dog tags nailed on them?


See what a nice big tree this is?

Some other trees aren’t so lucky as that one.


Quite a lot of them just keel over. Their own fault for not sending their roots down deep enough. My goodness, all this looking at trees is a bit exhausting, I’m in need of a treat.


Treat please mum? I’m very tired and very very wet and I’m covered in grass seed so need something to keep me going!

We’re almost finished our walk now, but what’s that on the big log bench? An egg! Not a single feather, just an egg.


Someone had put the egg carefully on the log and rested it on an old teabag. Yes, that’s a teabag. Last week there was a tractor rally or something here and they were selling cups of tea and other stuff to the hundreds and thousands.


Naughty people left some teabags behind but at least they’ll decompose and of course they do make handy cushions for stray eggs to rest on.


I do quite like eggs but this was still in its shell and it was on a teabag. I wonder how it fell out of a nest without getting broken?


I looked everywhere but I couldn’t see any mother birds out looking for a missing egg.

Oh well, time to go home for dinner. One last picture of me in front of that beech tree with all the snails climbing up it. Don’t forget to tell me WHY they climb trees.


~ by Teagan on May 15, 2015.

8 Responses to “Tell me why….”

  1. how interesting that the snails climb trees! love the wonders of nature.

  2. Why do ears take so long to dry? Ok how can I answer your question in a nice and kind way/ Well for a start I am afraid I can’t! Your ears take a long time tom dry dear Teagan because they are, er… cough… um… big!

    Sorry about that but it had to be said. I have to say your ears are in perfect proportion to the rest of you, but still um… big.

    The pictures are as usual wonderful and the one of that rather attractive Spaniel in amongst the Bluebells is excellent, makes me homesick for dear old Dorset.

    The egg on a tea bag thing is a little weird, but that’s typical of the folk in those parts, sigh, homesick again!

  3. Poor Teagie!!

    Hugs Jazzy xxxxx

    Sent from my exquisite 4G LTE iPhone 6


  4. I think they are climbing up to go to the annual snail ball!

  5. Maybe the snails are getting away from dogs that might crunch them (like me). I don’t eat them, but I do crunch them. Why? Because it annoys my beloved owner 🙂

    As for ears, mine are smaller than yours and they also take a while to dry. I rub them on everything I can find, and even have them towelled, but still, they can take a while 😦

  6. Thought you might like to read this – seems that Germaine Greer has noticed the same thing as you about the snails (but has an answer!) also the discs on the trees are sometimes used by estates to keep records of each of the trees, especially if they have a tree preservation order (TPO) on them. Just makes them easier to record year on year. Hope this helps! 🙂 x

  7. Trees with tags nailed into them are trees that are protected under a tree protection order. It is then protected from unlawful damage. It has been selected for its amenity value 🙂

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