A Walk with Colin

This month I didn’t do a blog post after I got my Dukebox from Ruby and Duke, but I did tweet as I opened it and posted some photos on my Facebook… however, in case you missed those, I’m here to show you the bestest thing in the box this month – it was a bright orange octopus balloon toy! He’s not actually made of balloons, he’s squishy and soft and his coat is like velvet. I called mine Colin and this is me carrying him on his first walk out with me and Pickle.


Here we are just going through the gateway… where’s that Pickle? I think she’s snuck back home to go to bed.


Anyway, off we go up the footpath. I’m showing him all the sights…


This is one of the horses that live in the field… he’s being very lazy and lying down to eat.


And after eating there’s nothing like a good old woogle…


The footpath goes up past the stables – here you can see Colin balancing on one of the electric fence poly posts. It’s not switched on, BOL he’d be wiggling all eight legs if it was, this is just a bit of rope so walkers know which way the public footpath goes.


Special treat for Colin, here he is sitting on the fence looking after one of the Beco Bags that mum put my morning poo in. The lovely bright green bags were in last month’s DukeBox. We’ll leave it hanging on the fence and pick it up on the way back home.


Before you know it we’re almost at the top of the field! And Colin wants to sit on another fence post. He’s got really good balance with all those legs!


This little oak tree was wounded during all the hedge work but he’s in recovery and coming on really well now. It’s going to have a tiny fence around it to make sure it doesn’t get injured again. I think it should be called ‘Teagan’s Oak’ so in 100 years time people will still remember me.


Oops, naughty birdie has pooped on the stile so we couldn’t sit down for a while and look at the view.


We had to stand up… it’s the same view as usual except the grass is getting longer – soon you won’t be able to see me at all! It’s growing to make food for the horses in the winter.


We cut the footpath so it’s nice for the people using it. It also means that if the grass is all dewy in the morning mum and Pickle don’t get wet feet.


Here he is again, this time sitting on the fence looking down at Mally and Bluebell who are having a nap in the morning sunshine.


And now he’s sitting on the tractor.



No, he’s not sitting on Lady, she’s far too sensible to be giving rides to an octopus.


Back home again and there’s Pickle. Lazy thing has been sunbathing and catching flies.



She doesn’t do a lot – she catches mice and sometimes a bird, but what bird is going to be silly enough to land on the bird feeder when it’s full of a great big lump of a cat?

So, that was Colin’s morning walk, I think it’s time we both had a bit of a rest!


Don’t forget that if you want to get your very own Dukebox delivered every month you can get 20% off if you put TEAGAN into the box when you check out at Ruby and Duke!

~ by Teagan on May 30, 2015.

4 Responses to “A Walk with Colin”

  1. Colin looks great – he certainly gets to sit in some great places…

  2. Wow, Colin really is very orange isn’t he? You won’t lose him in the dark! I’m pretty sure too that Pickle is the only cat that thinks she’s hiding in a bird table! Bless her 🙂

  3. So Colin the Orange Octopus is now your favourite toy. Whatever happened to that racy green ring which features in your heading picture? You didn’t go and lose it did you? Hope not.

    I see that you don’t like to sit and gawp at the TV as you have your back to it in the last picture that’s good, us Cats, and I am sure I can include Pickle here, tend to like to watch things like football.

    Problem is that TVs nowadays are so thin that you can’t lie on top of them and hook the little white ball out with a casual paw swipe. Oh no! Now you have to start from the carpet and launch yourself at the screen and miss the ball completely which always results in a wobble.

    No the TV doesn’t wobble, I do. Well hitting your head on all that thick glass hurts and you see stars.

    I hope that you are at the top of your game. This week I have been rather ill with the shakes and shivers which I get every so often and have a swollen knee which is as big as my head. So it’s a good job there isn’t any televised football on at the moment, mind you it was nice of the FIFA executives to feature in one of those marvelously exciting true life crime shows to help fans get through the off season. Tee hee!

  4. Looks like a fun walk!

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