Makes me want to grrrrr

This afternoon we decided not to go to the woods or the heath but to stay near home and do our Woodcutts Lane walk. So, we walked up the lane and then climbed the footpath up to the top of the hill. It was lovely and sunny with a nice breeze as we walked along the footpath through the fields. The first field had been cut earlier on in the day and the cut grass was drying. The next one was looking lovely and will probably be cut soon too. The next field had already been cut and baled into nice little old fashioned small bales.


The next fields are wheat and rapeseed, or something like that, we walk in such a lot of fields – we could see smoke in the distance and wondered where it was coming from. Well, can you believe it… someone had just lit a fire and burnt some rubbish and not even all their rubbish, lots was just scattered around.


I was a bit scared, we don’t ever see fires on our walks. Anyway, there was a lot of rubbish not burning on the fire so as there was a McDonalds bag, mum picked up all the rubbish and put it in the bag to take home. So, what kind of person does something like this? Let’s look at the clues…


This is all the rubbish before we put it in our recycling bin, except of course for the box of 200 doggy poo bags – now, why would they just throw away a box of poo bags? We’re going to put them in the container on the fence along our bit of footpath for people to pick up after their dogs.

There were lots of odd bits of paper, an egg box, some empty cigarette packets, two pens, two empty coke cans, a Ladbrookes football thingy, an appointment card for ‘nails’, two tiny plastic waistcoats, a shopping list, parking tickets and a medicine information sheet…. no cuddly toy or teasmaid. (Mummy says if you’re really old you’ll know what she means by that.)

So, let’s look at those clues more closely:


Who has a shopping list like this? Who ate meatballs and pasta this week… and had a roast dinner at the weekend. it was written on the back of an exercise sheet, the kind you get given when you have a bad back.


This was an unopened parking ticket. There were two of these – the first was for the 7th April in Kingston Road and the second on the 17th May at West Park MSCP.

So, who drives a FIAT with the registration W466 MHW ??


And does this person also take Diazepam?


And are they small enough to fit in these tiny little plastic waistcoats? I don’t think so… I think some Ken dolls are missing their waistcoats.

But why were they at the top of the hill with a pile of rubbish? Or maybe the lady with a bad back who had her nails done and takes Diazepam decided to empty out her very large handbag and set fire to the rubbish.

I do hope they weren’t geocachers, though i think geocaching folk know better and practise ‘cache in trash out’ so wouldn’t dream of leaving the countryside strewn with rubbish.

Well, as I’m sure you want to grrr as well now, let’s finish off with a picture from our walk this morning at the top of the footpath on our field… we’ve been trying out some new clip on lenses for the iPhone but the new ‘Photos’ doesn’t have the same options to edit pictures and add a fuzzy edge or different borders – if you know where they’ve gone do let us know please! The little clip on wide angle lens seems to leave black corners.

But the main thing is I’m perfectly posed and the main focus of the picture. I hope everyone has had a lovely day and didn’t drop any litter.


~ by Teagan on July 6, 2015.

6 Responses to “Makes me want to grrrrr”

  1. People who litter are rubbish!

    Here in Prague as the city becomes more westernised littering is a problem. It has taken a long while but we are ‘civilised” just like the British!

    Lovely picture of you at the end, it served as a welcome relief!

  2. I think it’s sad that people leave rubbish around. 😦 I agree with the cat, nice picture of you at the end. 🙂

  3. Might be worth showing to the Police incase someone has been mugged? Very odd thing to do?

  4. Dat do bee disgusting my pal….norty norty peeple….p.s. send da waistcoats for Clapton if yoo bee so kind

  5. What a load of rubbish! But I think Jazzy had a good idea there…

  6. That is a very random selection of rubbish! You’d think it was someone clearing out their car but I’m getting the impression that is very unlikely! Maybe someone stole the car and came up the hill to burn the evidence but ran off before they were finished?! What a mystery.

    I’ve still got one f the older iphones so can’t help with photos but you do look lovely as always Teagan 🙂

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