TR’s Trail – A Geocache trail in Dorset

It’s going to rain next week. The weather people say so and we believe the weather people, well, most of the time. So, today we decided to do a walk around my geocache trail to check all the clues and the cache containers. We were over in Winterborne Kingston anyway because I was having my fur done at nine o’clock… so freshly washed, cut and blow dried, I was ready to go before eleven.

First stop was a sniff in the grass along the first bit of the footpath. So much to smell and it’s been such a long time since I last walked here I had a shed load of pee-mail to catch up on.


We were soon at the first clue where geocachers find out the first set of coordinates which will take them to the second clue. No, it’s not in any of the photographs because that would be a ‘spoiler’ and it’s really not that difficult so a ‘spoiler’ isn’t needed.

In the next picture we’re on our way to the second clue. I’m on the scent of a pheasant… or maybe two.


And now here we are on the way to the next clue and I’ve managed to get a sticky burr stuck on my paw. I thought with my mole cut I’d be pretty burr-proof, but obviously not.


When we’d first set the trail and it had been published, I think it was about here that I met a fellow geohound, which was very exciting! I’ve met some before but not one doing my big geocache trail.


We stopped here to look at the view… all the views are nice, though some are better than others… I like the ones where there are pheasants.


All the fields are mostly bare and waiting to be ploughed, we could hear tractors out ploughing in some other fields.


This is along past another clue, I sat down for a rest while mum checked the container and the laminated piece of paper with the clue on it.


This is looking down towards Winterborne Zelston.


The clue might be somewhere near here but I’m not going to tell you where! Anyway, now we were up in Coll Wood where it was nice and shady. Maybe not as shady as it had been last time we walked here because it looked like a tree had recently been cleared from blocking the path.


The bridleway was full of the scent of pheasants, I was walking with my nose to the ground and mum had to keep telling me to hurry up.


The footpath goes through the woods for quite a long way and then it runs along just on the outside of the woods and we stopped to look back down towards the village.


And then up the other way across the fields.


That’s the footpath, see how nice and firm the ground is… and even though it’s quite narrow there aren’t many brambles or nettles.


That picture is along past another clue… no, I’m not giving you any pictures of where the clues are… that wouldn’t be fair, I’m just showing you some of the views along the way. Anyway, it’s around this point that you can choose to take the ‘short-cut’ to the last clue, but my other geocache “TR’s Secret Rendezvous” is only an extra mile and we were checking out that cache container too. So, this is the path down to Rendezvous Plantation.


Another short-cut bridleway here but we were going to walk through Rendezvous Plantation and to the track on the other side.


Pheasants are everywhere… I can smell them. I can chase them and make them fly. Silly birds. They need to know how to fly fast to escape the guns.


Not far now.


Phew, here we are, through the wood and out on the track.


Hey, mud… I remember this is always a good spot in the winter, it’s pretty muddy now but I’m staying out of it because I don’t want to get wet and muddy Mum told me to.


The track goes along the edge of the wood and we can look through at the view on the other side.


This metal thing is something they use for stretching wire fences. Rather good isn’t it.


Now, wouldn’t this tree have made a great hiding place for a geocache… I’m glad it wasn’t a tree we’d hidden our cache in, because some huge wasps, or maybe they’re hornets, have made their nest in it. Anyway, we found our geocache and it was nice and dry and still safely tucked away in its hiding place. So, off we went… time to make our way back down to the final clue.


Hey, these guys are new.. they weren’t here last year when we came!


This was a stray tractor with a trailer loaded with seed, or maybe it’s fertiliser. We didn’t stop to look at the labels. Check out that number plate!


Just another view… there are lots. And how’s that for a really tall stack of straw bales!


Hey, wait for me mum… I’m coming as quick as I can. I just had to give a pheasant a flying lesson.


Puff, puff, pant, pant… phew, that was a long run.


See that big blue square? It’s another Solar farm, there are lots of them springing up all over. I wonder if they soak up all the sun and then on cold cloudy days we can push a button and they’ll let some sun out again?


This bit of the footpath is a bit of a nightmare in the winter, it’s like a mud bath. Totally bleargh.


Can you see me? I’m resting in the shade. I could be somewhere near a clue… or maybe not. That’s for me to know and you to find out!


Bet you can’t see me now. And no, I’m not hiding in the big yellow bag. And now it’s time to head off to the final cache container because if you’ve found all six clues you’ll now have all the things you need to work out the final coordinates!


Just a quick stop off on the way to check another cache. And to look at the view.


This bit of the path is the most overgrown but there’s still a small pathway down the middle and no nasty nettles and brambles.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? What? You can’t see it? It was a big lumpy looking plane with it’s end kind of bent up and two big wings.


Well, we’re almost done now… here we are at one of Farmer Burgess’s fields and someone is out ploughing! We couldn’t see who it was but they were doing very nice long straight lines. Oops I think my new fur-do is blowing the wrong way in the wind. I look like a unicorn.


Ah, this is better, I look like a dog again.


The cache container checked out okay, all nice and dry… the mouse had been nibbling at the camouflage bag again, I think we might give it a nice new one next time we’re passing.

Look at this, can you see the track? It’s got lots of crushed up bits of road on it so I bet it’s not so muddy in the winter any more! I remember coming along here when I was a very young puppy and meeting my pal Barney and we’d do a lot of zooming and jumping around right in the muddiest spots.


Almost back now, just one more cache to check along here and then we can go home. This one needs a nice clean cache container because the original one is going a bit mouldy inside so we’ll swap it over next time we’re here.

So, that was our walk – checking out TR’s Trail and TR’s Secret Rendezvous – a total of 7.42 miles in 3 hours. I don’t think the machine really knows how many calories I used because I only weigh about 13kg and am 22″ tall, maybe I need a special doggy counter… I might get more dinner rations then!


So, why not put your geocaching hat on and come out and do my trail? Or if you haven’t got a clue what I’ve been woofing on about, why not go to and see what it’s all about.


~ by Teagan on October 1, 2015.

8 Responses to “TR’s Trail – A Geocache trail in Dorset”

  1. I’d love to go all the way there and check it out. 🙂 Maybe some day.

  2. Beautiful pictures as usual. The countryside looks glorious, wonderful Dorset at its best.

    On the subject of Pheasants flying fast.. maybe they should learn to walk, that way the arses with guns would be looking skyward and the Pheasants could be peering out of the undergrowth watching them from a place of safely!

    You know I have always fancied getting a red coat, silly truncated trumpet and a horse and chasing the clowns who go fox hunting, then to round off a day’s work catapult people who like to use guns on wildlife, like oh, say prince Charles, into the air and take pot shots at them as they whizz past.

    How dare humans kill things for sport!

    Hunting makes me wild!

    Have a wonderful weekend.


    The Cat

    • BOL now that would be funny, seeing you in a red coat with a trumpet…. the pheasants would fall over laughing. Some of them do walk, mostly on the road… and then they run, in front of the car as they think ‘this side or the other side’ zig zagging from side to side. Stupid birds.

  3. That looks very similar to the majority of my caching over here in Cambridgeshire at the moment. I seem to keep picking trails which turn out to run along the edges of fields.

  4. Loved “being on the walk” with you. Exciting. And loved the number plate of the “Cow”!! Great pics too. Love Jazzy xxxxx

  5. Great walk, Teagan (and you looked very sleek with your fur done!)

  6. There are some lovely views on your trail Teagan. I see it was a sunny day when you were out but Stella bets there’ll be some splebdid muddy puddles soon enough! 🙂

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