Windy Winspit

One of mummy’s bestest old friends was down in Dorset for a long weekend and they came to stay with us on the Friday night and then we met up with them down at Worth Matravers on Sunday afternoon for a walk down to St Aldhelms Chapel and along to Winspit.

Here is me with daddy walking down past the Square & Compass pub in Worth Matravers.


And here we are about to start walking down the footpath… hmmm, is that cows I see?


We decided to walk along the road instead because all the cows were going in to be milked and we didn’t fancy trying to walk along that path through a herd of cows that were all eager to get into the milking parlour.


Look at the size of this water trough! I thought I was lucky having some of my very own troughs up in the horse field but this one is like a monster version.


We saw lots of interesting things on our walk down to the cliffs. An aerated barn, I don’t think it would be much of a shelter on a rainy day.


And here is a quarry that is still being worked. Lots of lovely big chunks of stone.


This is St Aldhelms Chapel – it’s a funny square building without any big windows so it’s very dark inside. We didn’t get any more pictures of the inside because someone was busy praying but you can see some more on the link at the beginning.


And here is the National Coastwatch Institution lookout station which has volunteers working in it. They looked very smart in their uniforms. You can read more about it here if you are interested St Albans Head Lookout Station.


Whoa, mustn’t get too near the edge, it’s a long way down and mummy doesn’t want me to become one of those poor doggies that goes falling down the cliff and has to be rescued by the big helicopter.


There was a funny round thing here but nothing much in it – it was quite windy and my ears were flapping around a lot.


There were lots of these scary looking spider nests.


Hey mum, hurry up, we’re being left behind – that’s our friends in the distance.


It’s a long way to walk and because it was a really long way down to the sea I had to go on the stretchy lead.


It was still pretty windy – down there is Winspit, the old quarry that is no longer used.


Everyone looks like little tiny people but I reckon they were regular size. We didn’t walk right down to the quarry because our friends had already walked to Swyre Head and been to Lulworth and Kimmeridge so they were a bit tired out after doing lots of walking already.


Here I am on the track that would take us back up to Worth Matravers.


And here I am back in the village.. not looking at the ducks by the duck pond. I’m way to sensible to want to chase ducks.


Phew, a nice bowl of cold water after that walk went down really well.


Mum took loads of pictures and she’s put them in a slideshow gadget in case you want to look at them. Or she thinks she has, Flickr doesn’t seem to be the same as it used to be.

By the way, in case you were wondering why we didn’t do any geocaching, it was because we didn’t actually walk past any – there are lots and lots of geocaches along the coast so we’re going to go back again next weekend for another walk and make sure we find some – especially on Sunday 11th because that’s Earth Cache Day when we have to find an Earth Cache to get the Souvenir!




~ by Teagan on October 5, 2015.

7 Responses to “Windy Winspit”

  1. glad I can explore with you through the pictures. 🙂

  2. I would have kept well out of the way of the cows too! Eek!
    Trackable collar?

    • Cows are much nicer when they’re on the other side of a nice sturdy fence. Yup, I’m a trackable dog… maybe next weekend I’ll try to twist my collar round a bit, hint hint. Are virtual discovers allowed? I don’t meet too many people on my walks who discover me.

  3. Well the old place looks sublime. I do occasionally miss Dorset, it’s the sea you see, if you see what I mean… see!

    I rather liked the picture of you surrounded by white flowers and what looks like Bluebells, they might not actually be Bluebells but they are blue somethings. As for the name of the other flowers, I’m stumped – no that’s not the name I think they go by. I just don’t know what they are called!

    Anyway the blog was marvellous, I must get to the sea, with a reasonable selection of cliffs soon. Maybe the Adriatic I think that’s the closet.

    Have a great evening.


    The Cat

  4. Looks like another great walk!

    • It certainly was! No trig points to balance on, but we were really high up and it was a long way down to the beach! Hope you’re doing well counting all your miles the year.

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