We went to the woods today…

But we didn’t see any teddy bears having a picnic. We did see lots of trees and some horses and two people out walking with four dogs.

We started off our walk from the lay-by at Lower Row which is where we saw some fly tipping at the weekend and reported it to the council. You can see some of it here, two big plastic things that looked like grass collecting boxes off lawnmowers, there was a big parcel shelf from a car, a cement bag full of something, and a builders bag half in the lay-by and half on the road that was full of wood.


We thought we’d go today because the sun was shining and there’s a bit of rain forecast for tomorrow and the paths are likely to get muddy pretty quickly.


It wasn’t hot but it wasn’t cold either, it was sort of middling… so I decided to have a quick swim to cool off just in case I got hot later on.


This is the beginning of the bridleway going up into the woods, there are lots of leaves on the ground now – it won’t be long before all the trees are bald.


The path got a bit narrower here.


And then it got wide again when we got into the forest. There are lots of ancient trees in Holt Forest. I think these trees are so ancient that they’re actually deceased.


Some of them have died and fallen over.


There are some big puddles already but we could walk around the edges.. after some rain it’s going to be a really muddy everywhere.


We’re back on a footpath now – we decided to walk a different way than we’ve been before, and we thought this would take us up to a bit of Ferndown Forest where we could walk across and back down the other side of the woods.


Maybe not. At the top of the path was a stream and we couldn’t see where the path went. So we turned round and walked back down again. We didn’t jump over the pile of logs, I think they’re meant for horses to jump over.


Ah, this looks better, another nice footpath going the other way.


And yes, that was the gravel path we could see at the end… and we thought it would be a good idea to try to keep on that for a while. See that pink on that tree? It’s a sign.


It says “Tower” – we’ve been up that path before and it gets very muddy before it becomes a footpath that goes along past Horton Tower.


But we didn’t want to go to Horton Tower today, we needed to head back to Lower Row. So we took a path that was going in the right direction.


And look what we found! A gate into a fenced off triangle, I wonder what that’s all about… a shepherds hut and another building – a very nice spot indeed but we couldn’t see any people or horses, but there were a couple of Christmas trees planted.


Here I am back on a wide bit of pathway going through the woods… look at all that mud, I’m glad we’re here today and not after it’s been raining.


This little clearing had some weird trees and piles of logs. Witches and warlocks probably come here at midnight and dance around wearing robes and pointy hats, chanting mysterious words.


Maybe we’d better speed up a bit… and I’ll carry a big stick in case we meet any of them.


It’s a rather fabulous stick isn’t it! Big is beautiful and if you’re going to carry a stick it may as well be a big one!


OMD we have to walk under all these wires and past a pylon. That means we’re nearly back to the heath so we can slow down a bit, I don’t think the witches would want to walk past a pylon.


Phew, safely back in the car… with my prize stick. Mum didn’t have any tripe sticks in the car so I didn’t do a trade for it – so it will come all the way back home with us.

So, that was today’s walk. 4.49 miles in 1:53:36 and it looks a bit like a seahorse except for that little sticking out bit at the top where we turned round because we couldn’t see where to cross the stream.



~ by Teagan on October 20, 2015.

6 Responses to “We went to the woods today…”

  1. Can’t beat a walk in the woods!
    Love the snap with the big stick coming home, all of my children do this…we can’t swap with tripe sticks! 😉

  2. Beautiful pictures as usual. Just between you and me, I think that bit of wood is a little on the large size when compared to the dog who has it in their mouth, just an observation you understand and nothing to do with the size of the dog relative to anything else.

    The triangle/gate business is a little weird, probably a couple of farmers having a not so friendly dispute!

    Re the pink sign, that’s a strange name for a tree isn’t it!

    Stay dry today I noticed that you are having a day by the fire. Note to Teagan’s Mum light fire!


    The Cat

  3. Fab pics. xxx

  4. Great photos; awesome stick! I’m sure I’ve seen that clearing in Midsomer Murders, glad the wicked witches didn’t get you! 🙂

    • Oh heck, I do hope we don’t start getting murders around here! Tee hee… I think they all happen at Midsomer so we should be safe here… but we won’t be venturing to the wood in the dark, just to be on the safe side.

  5. I’m only just catching up on some blogs, so this is a bit late, sorry! But what a lovely walk, and how clever to create a mythical creature track 🙂

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