Almost a New Walk

It started off well, it was a lovely sunny day


And we were going to walk along a new footpath… so we headed off down the gravel track


Where we pass the water hole that’s just too tempting to resist having a quick swim. Only a quick one though as the water was a bit cold.


I’d been dithering, following the scent of something interesting, so I had to go under the fence instead of going through the gate.


Here we go.. down past these nice houses, between them there’s a gate and a bridleway along a gravel farm track.


Mmmm nice smells in these leaves but must get on….


Mooo – How now brown cow?


Rather a lot of brown cows…


No, the path doesn’t go this way, there’s a sign saying Private.


We have to keep going along the track  – and can see some buildings in the distance.


Rather a big ‘public footpath’ sign… I guess they don’t want us walking up past their house.


The Courtyard… I wonder what that is.


So, we follow the sign and it takes us along past where the footpath is shown on the map, to another sign… lots of long wet grass and as there’s quite a lot of water around this area we decide to give it a miss and come back when mum has wellies on. We might even start from the other end of the footpath, we know where that is but we’ve not been along it because it’s never looked very inviting. And neither does this one, with two strings of electric fence to go through.


Ah well, we decide to walk back the way we came and then take a walk through Holt Wood. It’s a very posh wood, even the bats and birds have houses with numbers on. Sensible really, how else would the Amazon deliveries get to the right boxes. This was number 30.


We passed lots more bat boxes, which are all next to the numbered brown wooden nest boxes. I wonder who lives in the brown wooden boxes, we think bats live in the black boxes because they look dark and like the sort of house bats would live in.


How about this for a weird shaped tree.


And if I were you I wouldn’t walk under this broken bit of tree, it looks a bit dangerous!


This looks like a safer path… it’s not far now, so watch this space for our next adventure down the uninviting grassy public footpath which really will be a New Walk.


BOL just for fun we added the tag cute kittens, so if you were here looking for cute kittens I’m afraid there aren’t any… blame Justin Bieber, it was his idea. Cocker spaniels are almost as cute as little kittens.


~ by Teagan on October 25, 2015.

2 Responses to “Almost a New Walk”

  1. Cocker spaniels are WAY cuter than kittens 😉

  2. Hello Teagan… Wow, that looked a lovely walk.. How old is that ragged old tree I wonder.. I think you make a very good woofley tour guide.. Autumn colours are gorgeous… Woofs from all of us x

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