Little Stick Walk

Well, after my last post, it only seems fair to sticks that I point out that some days I like big sticks and some days I like little sticks. And some days I don’t even think about sticks. Well, okay, maybe that’s a lie, I think about sticks pretty much every day but I don’t always find one that I want to carry on a walk.

Anyway, today it was lovely and frosty so mum said we could go for a nice long walk on the heath.

All the puddles were covered in a layer of ice! I wonder who stepped on this one and broke the ice.


Hmm I shall use my super spaniel nose to see if I can find out who it was.


Investigations will have to wait because we’ve just got to one of my favourite water holes. I’ll just have to have a quick paddle, luckily it’s in a sheltered spot and there isn’t any ice.


Brrr… there was no ice but it was still pretty cold.


I’ll soon warm up in the sunshine if I run around to get dry.


Such a lot of blue sky and there are two airplanes doing criss-cross trails.


It always looks funny seeing the giant road cones up on the heath. They’re mostly marking where the bore holes are.


Such a nice day but we only saw about 6 people and we were walking on the big paths that come up from Whitesheet where most people go. I thought everyone and their dog would want to be out today but we only saw someone with a full set of labradors [cream, yellow, chocolate and black] and they weren’t very friendly at all, oh, and someone with a greyhound, at least I think it was a greyhound, that definitely wasn’t very friendly.


Have you spotted my stick yet? If you look carefully you can just see it – it’s so small you may need a magnifying glass.


Maybe I’ll find a bigger one on this bit of the pathway, it’s not a bit we walk along very often because it’s usually very wet and muddy but today the mud was nicely frozen.


And here we are at one of my favourite spots, Gate 37, where there’s always nice clear water to cool off in when it’s hot. But what’s going on here? Roadworks? Maybe not… my ears tell me that somewhere there is someone nearby with a chainsaw cutting down trees and doing some gorse bashing.


This bit of the footpath looks like a stream! We are heading up over the green grassy bit to cross the road and walk up the track to get us back on the top bit of heathland.


And here we are, at the top of the hill, after walking up the path from the track.


It’s a lovely view from the top, well, that’s what mum says. Me, I’m more interested in what’s going on at ground level.


It’s quite a big hill and the gorse is really prickly.


From the top we can even see Horton Tower – it’s in the middle of the picture and looks like it’s just under the power line and in the middle of the woods. But of course it’s not in the middle of the woods, it’s in the middle of a big field, as you can see here.


That was a great walk, I think I’m going to sleep well tonight.


~ by Teagan on January 19, 2016.

3 Responses to “Little Stick Walk”

  1. Look furry nice my pal….but waters and stiks be too fings I dussnt ave nuffink to do wiv….

  2. You very gorgeous girlie and
    me loves all your adventures. Hugs Jazzy xxxx

  3. Another great walk. We have a few paths here that have turned into streams too!

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