A Walk on Holt Heath

Today there was a nice blue sky and some sunshine so mum thought we’d go for a walk on the heath. We were both sleeping… and had to stop snoring and dreaming.


You want me to wake up?

Hintza had been trying out my ‘best’ bed, I only go in it when I’m clean and dry. I think it’s a bit small for him but he was determined to stay in it!


A walk? Now?

It was lovely on the heath, there was a bit of a chill wind but it was nice when the sun came out. Some of the mud had gone but there was still a lot left. We had loads of fun and met two nice labradors and a whole herd of bonkers springers!

I was soon jumping in a stream for a paddle but Hintza was a bit reluctant. I’m not even sure he can swim, I reckon he can – well, all labradors like water don’t they? But he just seems to look and then stays on the side watching.


Mmmm refreshing

Can you tell it was windy? Hintza’s ears don’t flap like mine do, I look like I’m about to take off.

IMG_8691 (1)

The best water hole

Yay! He went in.. only up to his ankles, but at least he went in!


Gate 37

He’s easily distracted and is either lagging behind or way out in front checking out the sniffs first.


Hurry up Hintza!

Neither of us went in this one – the water is black and stinky.


The stinkiest water hole

Well that was about it, four miles of mud and water… time to go home for more snoozing and dreaming.


~ by Teagan on February 3, 2016.

5 Responses to “A Walk on Holt Heath”

  1. Looks like a great walk. Everything here is mud too and it just rained all night:( Some dogs just take a little longer. Lexie and Aspen just got in the water and took off, Mica took a while longer. She would go in to her tummy and finally Lexie taught her to go ahead and swim.

  2. We are really considering getting a pup to add the chaos that is planet mud, posts like this really do convince me it would be a great idea. 🙂

    • What a great idea! Pups love geocaching – walking in new places & sniffing out caches. And of course we can be trackable, visiting caches and being discovered! We’ve done all the caches on Holt Heath but we check on them when we walk by and we’ve even found two that have been hidden for over a year but haven’t been published… abandoned by their owner, lonely little tupperware pots in camo bags and both have entries on their logs – we weren’t even FTF!

  3. Always love reading about your walks. I’m not a big one for swimming but I do like playing with my ball in water (drop it in, run down the bank, rescue it, run back up the bank, drop it in, run down the bank….etc)

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