Almost summer

Okay, maybe I’m being a bit optimistic about the ‘summer’ but if you’re in a sheltered spot when the sun shines it’s absolutely lovely. And lovely weather calls for a swim… or a paddle. I’m jolly glad that the farmers have left the old water troughs in the fields.


Ooh it’s lovely, even if it is a bit green and slimy – it makes me want to hoochie on down and have a good old wriggle around in it.


But that would be too naughty wouldn’t it so perhaps I should just stand here for a while.


Before I leap out – all cool and refreshed.


And ready to finish our walk in the sunshine before those clouds catch up with us.


We did our usual walk but decided to cut through the woods where they were doing some tree work last year. It’s all going to be a sea of bluebells soon and the criss-cross paths are really nice to walk along.


It’ll be lovely when the bluebells are out.

IMG_0117 (1)

Here I am back at the crossroads and the big chunk of wood – with just one single solitary feather, I think the secret feather police have been out again so the mystery ‘feather leavers’ will have to get to work collecting more feathers.


Ooh er, the clouds are starting to win.


We’d better get a move on, I don’t want to get my stick wet.


Phew, that was lucky… me and my stick are safely back in the car.


This stick was worth 2 pieces of tripe. I’m always sad to see them go flying off into the hedge but I’m always happy to get the tripe in return.



~ by Teagan on April 6, 2016.

5 Responses to “Almost summer”

  1. Another lovely walk – and what a big stick you had! Not sure I could lift one that big 🙂

  2. I wholeheartedly agree, Spring (for the moment) has sprung and Summer abounds. I have to say I miss this time of the year in England.

    Years ago when my daughter was six or seven we used to drive down to Romney Marsh, sit in the car having a picnic and watch the lambs gamboling.

    The reason to sit in the car was so that the lambs weren’t frightened (mainly by Ben our Alsatian) and run away.

    Then we would drive to Dymchurch or Dungeness and Ben would chase sticks out to sea, of course he was supposed to recover them but he wasn’t all that good at that!

    Then after a rub down to get warm, we would hop into the car, drive to Hastings for some excellent fish and chips, sitting outside the chip shop on the seafront like loons, because the wind usually had whipped up a bit and dogs weren’t allowed to go inside to get out of it.

    On the way home everyone but the driver would doze off and dream of catching runaway floating sticks , prancing lambs, home and one of the last log fires of the season.

    • I’m afraid that summer has got lost somewhere en route. Most disappointing. It was quite chillsome out today and no sign of much improvement this week.
      Picnics, trips to the seaside, fish and chips… that all sounds pretty lovely to me!

  3. Pfft…i dunt like swimmin my pal….an wot if i wanna drink from da troff? Eh?

    • It’s kind of green for drinking… I think farmers should put fresh water in at least once a year just to keep us walkers happy. Don’t tell anyone but we can get to the tap on one of them and that means I can drink fresh water!

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