Tell me why….

•May 15, 2015 • 5 Comments

Today it mostly rained. I got soaking wet this morning and my ears were still damp when we went out for our afternoon walk and that was after I’d spent the afternoon drying out. So, my first question is WHY do ears take so long to dry?

IMG_4735It wasn’t raining when we started out, we could even see some blue sky and sunshine, so we decided to go to Manswood because that’s where we thought the clear sky was. But in the time it took us to get there it had clouded over again but it didn’t look like the cloud was about to drop rain on us.

We walked up to the crossing and then took the track that goes past what remains of an old house. There are lots of beech trees along this route and they all seemed to have one thing in common!


Can you see them? You can click on the pic and it might get bigger.


Snails! Lots of snails all climbing up the tree trunks! Big ones, small ones, stripy ones, all sorts, all making their way up the trees!


Some of them were really high up and some were still just starting their journey.


I bet you already know what my next question is… WHY do they do it?


They’re all very tall trees and it must take them ages to get all the way up and then they’ll probably remember they forgot something and have to slither all the way down again.


See what a huge tree this was!


This one was a bit further along and it was an old dead tree without any leaves. It looks a bit like a huge wood creature with a big face and those lower branches are its arms sticking out.


Here are some nice young beech trees next to the remains of the old building that you can hardly see because of all the leaves.


We’re out in the open now and the sky’s looking even darker than before. But I’m too busy to worry about a bit of rain because I’m running through all that lovely barley chasing pheasants! I bet you can’t spot me!

It’s getting tall now and difficult to run through because I can’t see where I’m going so I have to boing a lot, or just a little when I know mum’s got the camera out!


Did that bird go this way? You can tell I’m concentrating because I’ve got my nose and tail pointy….

Anyway, back to the trees.


This is one of the old oaks that has a little disc nailed on it. The discs have numbers engraved on them. I also saw some of these on oak trees down at Holton Lee yesterday. So, WHY do they have dog tags nailed on them?


See what a nice big tree this is?

Some other trees aren’t so lucky as that one.


Quite a lot of them just keel over. Their own fault for not sending their roots down deep enough. My goodness, all this looking at trees is a bit exhausting, I’m in need of a treat.


Treat please mum? I’m very tired and very very wet and I’m covered in grass seed so need something to keep me going!

We’re almost finished our walk now, but what’s that on the big log bench? An egg! Not a single feather, just an egg.


Someone had put the egg carefully on the log and rested it on an old teabag. Yes, that’s a teabag. Last week there was a tractor rally or something here and they were selling cups of tea and other stuff to the hundreds and thousands.


Naughty people left some teabags behind but at least they’ll decompose and of course they do make handy cushions for stray eggs to rest on.


I do quite like eggs but this was still in its shell and it was on a teabag. I wonder how it fell out of a nest without getting broken?


I looked everywhere but I couldn’t see any mother birds out looking for a missing egg.

Oh well, time to go home for dinner. One last picture of me in front of that beech tree with all the snails climbing up it. Don’t forget to tell me WHY they climb trees.


Dukebox for DOGS – NOT for Cats

•May 9, 2015 • 4 Comments

I’d have posed nicely next to my April #Dukebox but I knew what it was and couldn’t wait to get in it to see what goodies were waiting to be discovered.


The boxes are a bit annoying because they require human assistance for those of us that are too polite to just chew them to pieces. But once the lid’s open then the contents are fair game.

First to get my attention was a packet of Lily’s Kitchen bedtime treats – oh boy, I have to confess I’ve tried these before and they are THE most delicious treats ever! Maybe that’s a little OTT but I’m a dog and let’s face it, anything I can eat is THE most delicious thing ever.


See, I do my proper sit up and say please for these.


Nom nom, these have two serious problems though… the first of which is that the packet isn’t big enough. You’ll see in a minute what the second problem is.


The packet got put back into the box so I could see what else was in there. A Beco Rope!! What pup doesn’t like chewing on a rope and this one looks jolly sturdy and very natural with pretty pastel colours running through it.


And another Beco item… a SPORK – well, I wasn’t too sure what to make of this but mum assures me that it’s great. Great for dishing out my raw food for dinner and mixing in my herbs and stuff. Washes well and it’s safe for me to do the pre-wash – no sharp edges! So no wasted chicken morsels.


Ooh and if I have any morsels stuck between my teeth I can chew on my pink toothbrush! This is definitely one for the favourites box – mum’s not so sure what the appeal is with the plastic squeaky toys, but us dogs know what we like. And squeakers are good. Just hurry up and cut the label off please.


Next in the box was a packet of Billy + Margot Popcorn for Dogs, with Seaweed. I don’t know about you but I’ve never tried popcorn and to be honest it looked a bit weird. I just looked at it. I tried a bit and spat it out. Picked it up again and then spat it out again.


Now remember what I said earlier about there being a second fault with the Lily’s Kitchen biscuits? Yup, you got it, the cat likes them. This is where she got in the box and ripped the packet open. She’s a very bad cat. If they were cat treats they’d have CAT on the packet.


She also likes the Soopa Papaya treats that were in the previous box – who ever heard of a cat liking papaya?


Well, we decided to venture outside and invite my little pal Missy to taste test the popcorn. Well, that was it, if she was going to eat it then so was I! Soon both of us were tucking in.


She stuck her head in the packet and helped herself. No manners at all.


Back in the garden I had another look at my Dukebox.


Mmm now Missy has gone I think I’ll have another bit of popcorn.


Yummy and fat free too so I don’t have to worry about the calories!


Favourite item in this box was definitely the pink squeaky toothbrush.


What a tiring day… time for a bit of a snooze.


Wouldn’t you just love your very own box of goodies that arrived once a month? They get despatched on the 15th of each month and you can sign up for a monthly plan, three months or twelve months.

If you’re a human reading this and you’d like to give a Dukebox to your furkid, er, that’s dog, not cat of course… you can get a whopping 20% off the monthly plan if you use the extra super special discount code “COCKERTEAGAN”. Go on, you know you want to… just make sure you CLICK HERE really soon so you’re in time for the next despatch.

Bluebells at Manswood

•May 8, 2015 • 1 Comment

It’s bluebell season again. The best time of year, not too cold and not too hot and we’re spoilt for choice between primroses, wood anemones, bluebells and wild garlic for photo opportunities.

This is one of our walks at Manswood that we did last week – we had to walk across this field of wheat and the nice farmer had cut the path so we knew where we had to go. It was actually a bit long and could do with another cut, so I’m keeping my paws crossed that someone will be cutting it again soon.


The cut wheat is a bit spiky and it’s much more fun to go boinging in the long stuff… sometimes I catch the scent of a pheasant and that’s really fun!


Here we are at the bluebell wood.


It’s blue everywhere.


Mum always takes a pocket full of treats… well, you don’t think I just sit amongst the flowers because I want to, do you?


She’s a bit slow and without treats I get bored and fidgety.


We’ve been all over and checked out the different woods here and this one is our favourite, lots of lovely bluebells and no bracken or dead trees getting in the way.


More bluebells


I prefer sniffing for pheasants…


I’ll stop woofing now and just show you more bluebells…






There are lots of these big holes in the woods…


And now, just for a change… a spot of wild garlic!


That’s me safe from the vampires for a while.

Ruby & Duke Boxes!!

•March 19, 2015 • 11 Comments

OMD where do I start, today was just sooo exciting! Yesterday a box arrived in the post, addressed to me… but we were in the car on our way out when the postman came so mum put the box in the shed. Can you believe that? My parcel got put in the shed.

It was eventually retrieved and I couldn’t wait for her to open it for me. I was going to try out a Ruby & Duke box and I was only too happy to volunteer my services. Before it arrived we’d looked at the website which explained that Ruby & Duke boxes are a subscription thing where you can have a box a month delivered to your door and each box will always contain a different selection of goodies! How cool is that?

This is MY box.


My #DukeBox from Ruby & Duke

I started off by having a good sniff to check everything out.


Mmmm nom nom I can smell treats… I think I should try those first.


I decided that I wanted to try the natures:menu Venison with Blueberry snacks first… ‘Seriously Meaty Deliciously Tasty and very Healthy’ is what it said on the packet, so mum told me. Oh who cares, just give me one right now.


Oops I couldn’t even wait to pose nicely for the first one… I was right in there, no polite waiting until i was told I could take it!


For the second one I was a little more restrained! Well, that choice of treat certainly went down very well indeed. I give them a paws up.


In the box was also a Rosewood Chubleez squeaky toy with an empty water bottle inside. Double fun, it squeaks and makes a loud noise when you squish the bottle!


Oooh a Kong squeakier tennis ball. What dog doesn’t love a good quality tennis ball… especially one that squeaks!


So many things… oh look, a pack of 4 rolls of BecoBags which are eco friendly poop bags. Well, every dog does at least one poop per day, me, I do two… and just for a woof I sometimes do an extra one just for fun. Luckily mum usually has an emergency poo bag for those ‘extra’ little surprises. These little rolls are very handy to keep in the car and in coat pockets, and we love these eco friendly degradable bags – it says on the box that standard plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to degrade and a million plastic bags are used every minute! I’m glad we already use eco friendly bags. So, another great addition to the Ruby & Duke box.


Soopa Papaya treats? Really? Papaya? I’ve never seen these before. I don’t think these are something that mum would normally pick up for me to try – 100% Fruit & Veg Dog Chews, Low Calorie and 1/5 a day. I like apple and orange and also eat melon and strawberries, but I’ve never had papaya.


Can you see that I look a little reluctant to take this treat? I did take it and went to my bed to have a chew… first I dropped it and had a sniff. Then I picked it up and had a little bite.. and another bite.. and, do you know what? I liked it. These aren’t half bad… in fact they’re totally yummy! Now, if I’d not been sent a pack to try, I’d probably never ever have tried them!


Quick, give me another one! I’m a Papaya fan… and they’re low calorie so just right for a girl looking after her figure!

So, what did I think of my Ruby & Duke box? I thought it was great. To recap, inside my box I had:

A Kong Squeakair Tennis Ball

A box of 4 rolls eco friendly BeCo Bags

A Rosewood Chubleez Squeaky Comfort Dog toy

A 100g pack of Soopa Papaya 100% Fruit & Veg Dog Chews

A 50g pack of natures:menu Venison with Blueberry Seriously Meaty snacks

Certainly gets my 5 paw rating!

Huge thank you to Ruby & Duke for letting me try a fabulous #DukeBox. Now I just have to get mum to sign me up for a regular box, or perhaps I’ll just send a box to my friends on their birthdays! What a fab present that would be!

So, why not pay a visit to the Ruby & Duke website and have a look.

Special note for Jack, you know who you are! If you’re reading this, I know it’s your birthday very soon, so just close your eyes and forget you saw this!


I have been given my very own DISCOUNT CODE you can use to get 20% off the one month plan #Dukebox – how cool is that? All you have to do is put COCKERTEAGAN in the box when you check out but make sure you do it before the 14th May!!

My Ginger pals

•February 15, 2015 • 8 Comments

In about ten days time we’re having Hintza to stay with us for a while. He’s a big bouncy 2 year old labrador so some entertainment has to be arranged to keep him happy. I don’t mind having a run around for a while but I’m all grown up and quite sensible nowadays so we’re going to do some walks with my ginger pals. Here we are on a walk we did last week… ready for the off. It’s Maja and Ilka the vizslas and Shelby the cocker… and me of course.


Come on, time to go, we’ve all said hello and can’t wait to get going.


Here we are saying hello to the first doggy we met.


Goodness me, I thought I was a bit of a dawdler sometimes but Shelby takes the biscuit! Look at her, bimbling along miles behind the rest of us.


This handsome fellow was called Jackson.


We all had to say hello to him.


Soon we were off into the woods and having lots of sniffs.


And meeting more doggies.. such a lot of sniffing to do.


Tall ones, short ones… these two were wearing very smart jackets.


We had lots of great zoomies.


Ilka is the bounciest dog I’ve ever met, she runs and leaps just like a deer!


I think Maja and Ilka will get on just fine with Hintza.


We also took some time out to do some digging.


We’re sort of on the homeward stretch now so Shelby is looking much more lively!


Ilka is still bouncy, I reckon she’d need to do a marathon before she got even a little bit tired out.


Shelby and I doing a bit more digging and sniffing.


Almost home again – aren’t they good? They all sit at the curb and wait to cross the road.


That was so much fun! I think Hintza is really going to get on well with my ginger pals.

Snow Day!!!

•February 2, 2015 • 7 Comments

Everyone else has been getting some snow and this morning it was our turn to have some snow! It came down overnight and surprised us when we woke up and saw it! This is the track up to the horse field, untrodden on by humans, so I couldn’t wait to leave a nice trail of paw prints.


Pickle came too of course. She hasn’t really seen snow before – it was snowing on the day daddy went to collect her but she was quite young then and probably doesn’t remember much about it. Poor Fordson looks a bit cold and lonely doesn’t he. I bet he’s really looking forward to find a nice new home with someone who will put him in a nice warm garage and buy him lots of new bits.


Here’s Pickle walking back along the footpath. We found human footprints up here and we used our little grey cells to work out that they belonged to Uncle Simon.


This is me having my Eddie the Eagle moment…. am I going to run and launch myself off the top of this hill?


After we’d said hello to the horses we went up the road to see what the view was like from the bench.


This was me scouting round trying to find a good spot to have my morning poo. Snow makes the decision very hard, I ended up choosing a tuft of grass. And yes mum did bag it and we parked it on a fence post and picked it up on our way home.


The footpath had seen quite a few people already, well, maybe two or three.


Here I am at my usual spot where mum takes a photo of me.


When we got to the edge of the field look who we bumped into! It was Freddie, William and Bilbo!!

Bilbo seems to have grown such a lot since we last saw him! He’s 8 months old now and is really big but still very leggy and incredibly bouncy.


We had great fun chasing each other around.


I got left behind because I was getting snow balls on my legs and between my toes.


Mum forgot to grease me up this morning but if we get any more snow she’ll remember to do it next time.

Meanwhile, it was a half and half day – in the afternoon we went to the heath and most of the snow had gone from there. We saw this little robin looking for bugs on the trees.


We stopped to say hello to the horses again. This one seems to like sticking his head across the barbed wire fence to get at the ‘greener grass’ and the tastier gorse… he’s ripped the collar on his rug.

This one is at it too – stretching over the fence to get to the gorse on the other side… gorse? They must have really thick tough mouths to eat all those prickles.


Well that’s about it for our snow and non-snow walk.

We only did the short walk today because we wanted to go out in the garden again when we got home because we still have snow at home. Definitely no snow here in the bracken!


2014 in review

•January 1, 2015 • 5 Comments

The stats helper monkeys very kindly prepared a 2014 annual report for my blog! I’m afraid I’ve not been very active in blog land this year but I promise to try and do better next year.

So a big thank you to the monkeys and a very happy New Year to you.. yes, you, my lovely reader… I look forward to you joining me on my adventures in 2015.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,100 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 35 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


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