Almost a New Walk

•October 25, 2015 • 2 Comments

It started off well, it was a lovely sunny day


And we were going to walk along a new footpath… so we headed off down the gravel track


Where we pass the water hole that’s just too tempting to resist having a quick swim. Only a quick one though as the water was a bit cold.


I’d been dithering, following the scent of something interesting, so I had to go under the fence instead of going through the gate.


Here we go.. down past these nice houses, between them there’s a gate and a bridleway along a gravel farm track.


Mmmm nice smells in these leaves but must get on….


Mooo – How now brown cow?


Rather a lot of brown cows…


No, the path doesn’t go this way, there’s a sign saying Private.


We have to keep going along the track  – and can see some buildings in the distance.


Rather a big ‘public footpath’ sign… I guess they don’t want us walking up past their house.


The Courtyard… I wonder what that is.


So, we follow the sign and it takes us along past where the footpath is shown on the map, to another sign… lots of long wet grass and as there’s quite a lot of water around this area we decide to give it a miss and come back when mum has wellies on. We might even start from the other end of the footpath, we know where that is but we’ve not been along it because it’s never looked very inviting. And neither does this one, with two strings of electric fence to go through.


Ah well, we decide to walk back the way we came and then take a walk through Holt Wood. It’s a very posh wood, even the bats and birds have houses with numbers on. Sensible really, how else would the Amazon deliveries get to the right boxes. This was number 30.


We passed lots more bat boxes, which are all next to the numbered brown wooden nest boxes. I wonder who lives in the brown wooden boxes, we think bats live in the black boxes because they look dark and like the sort of house bats would live in.


How about this for a weird shaped tree.


And if I were you I wouldn’t walk under this broken bit of tree, it looks a bit dangerous!


This looks like a safer path… it’s not far now, so watch this space for our next adventure down the uninviting grassy public footpath which really will be a New Walk.


BOL just for fun we added the tag cute kittens, so if you were here looking for cute kittens I’m afraid there aren’t any… blame Justin Bieber, it was his idea. Cocker spaniels are almost as cute as little kittens.

We went to the woods today…

•October 20, 2015 • 5 Comments

But we didn’t see any teddy bears having a picnic. We did see lots of trees and some horses and two people out walking with four dogs.

We started off our walk from the lay-by at Lower Row which is where we saw some fly tipping at the weekend and reported it to the council. You can see some of it here, two big plastic things that looked like grass collecting boxes off lawnmowers, there was a big parcel shelf from a car, a cement bag full of something, and a builders bag half in the lay-by and half on the road that was full of wood.


We thought we’d go today because the sun was shining and there’s a bit of rain forecast for tomorrow and the paths are likely to get muddy pretty quickly.


It wasn’t hot but it wasn’t cold either, it was sort of middling… so I decided to have a quick swim to cool off just in case I got hot later on.


This is the beginning of the bridleway going up into the woods, there are lots of leaves on the ground now – it won’t be long before all the trees are bald.


The path got a bit narrower here.


And then it got wide again when we got into the forest. There are lots of ancient trees in Holt Forest. I think these trees are so ancient that they’re actually deceased.


Some of them have died and fallen over.


There are some big puddles already but we could walk around the edges.. after some rain it’s going to be a really muddy everywhere.


We’re back on a footpath now – we decided to walk a different way than we’ve been before, and we thought this would take us up to a bit of Ferndown Forest where we could walk across and back down the other side of the woods.


Maybe not. At the top of the path was a stream and we couldn’t see where the path went. So we turned round and walked back down again. We didn’t jump over the pile of logs, I think they’re meant for horses to jump over.


Ah, this looks better, another nice footpath going the other way.


And yes, that was the gravel path we could see at the end… and we thought it would be a good idea to try to keep on that for a while. See that pink on that tree? It’s a sign.


It says “Tower” – we’ve been up that path before and it gets very muddy before it becomes a footpath that goes along past Horton Tower.


But we didn’t want to go to Horton Tower today, we needed to head back to Lower Row. So we took a path that was going in the right direction.


And look what we found! A gate into a fenced off triangle, I wonder what that’s all about… a shepherds hut and another building – a very nice spot indeed but we couldn’t see any people or horses, but there were a couple of Christmas trees planted.


Here I am back on a wide bit of pathway going through the woods… look at all that mud, I’m glad we’re here today and not after it’s been raining.


This little clearing had some weird trees and piles of logs. Witches and warlocks probably come here at midnight and dance around wearing robes and pointy hats, chanting mysterious words.


Maybe we’d better speed up a bit… and I’ll carry a big stick in case we meet any of them.


It’s a rather fabulous stick isn’t it! Big is beautiful and if you’re going to carry a stick it may as well be a big one!


OMD we have to walk under all these wires and past a pylon. That means we’re nearly back to the heath so we can slow down a bit, I don’t think the witches would want to walk past a pylon.


Phew, safely back in the car… with my prize stick. Mum didn’t have any tripe sticks in the car so I didn’t do a trade for it – so it will come all the way back home with us.

So, that was today’s walk. 4.49 miles in 1:53:36 and it looks a bit like a seahorse except for that little sticking out bit at the top where we turned round because we couldn’t see where to cross the stream.


International Earthcache Day

•October 11, 2015 • 6 Comments

The 11th October was International Earthcache Day and there was a Souvenir on offer from for cachers that logged a find for an Earthcache today. So, we looked at the map and decided to do Agglestone Rock (GC1H8AM) which is on Godlingston Heath. We parked the car down at Studland in one of the carparks – we could have parked in a lay-by along the road but mum always needs a wee first so a carpark it was.

After a quick nip down to the public loos – and they get 10/10 for everything, well, so mum says… very clean and with non-touch flush button and water taps – we set off back up the road to find the start of the footpath. This is me and dad waiting for mum.


And here we are walking up the road to get to the footpath.


We passed by The Pig’s restaurant – he’s a big fat one isn’t he!


We like this type of ‘stile’ that is a kissing gate – they’re clever things that horses and cows haven’t managed to figure out yet.


Wow, look at the huge pile of hay these horses have got! I reckon the horses in our field would just stuff themselves silly and then have to lie down.


This was a nice footpath along a leafy green lane.


And this is where we are about to leave the woods and head off out onto Godlingston Heath.


On our way to Agglestone Rock.


It was warmer than we’d expected so fleeces were taken off and I decided to take a dip in the first bit of nice water we came across. And yes, I did wee in it afterwards. I always do, I don’t know why I do, but I do.


Look – there it is, Agglestone Rock – can you see it? That lump on the top of the hill!


It looks a long way but it didn’t take long before we were almost there! This is me climbing the steps on the final stretch before we got to the rock.


Phew, a quick look back at the view before we go to look at the rock. It was kind of hazy so the far distance isn’t very easy to see.


So, here it is! Agglestone Rock. And that’s me sitting on a bit of it. To claim the cache we had to take a photo to prove we’d been here and also answer some questions about the rock.


“This rock is made of a stone called Agglestone Grit, from the Eocene age. It is a good example of erosion of stratified layers of rock; as it was “left behind” when softer rocks surrounding it were eroded away by water and weather. It used to be a pedestal rock, sitting up like an anvil, but fell over onto one side in 1970. It now sits as a hill top tor, as it has protected the land just beneath it from erosion.
From the rock, there are fine views towards Sandbanks, Poole harbour, Studland Bay, and (with good weather) the Isle of Wight. There are signs of mans exploitation of the area over thousands of years, from Neolithic barrows, to stone quarries, clay extraction, bomb craters and current oil exploitation.” [words taken from]


Here is one of the fine views.


And here is one of the other side of the rock.


And the view from the side of the rock.


And the view from around a little bit.

We stayed for a while, talking to some other people that were there too, and then we thought we had better start heading back to Studland, so we carried on down a path on the other side of the rock.


We could see the rock for a long way, sitting on its spot, sticking out like a huge lump of rock. A man told us that when he was little he was told that the rock was thrown by Old Nick from the Needles on the Isle of Wight, at Corfe Castle, but he missed and the rock landed here instead. I don’t think anyone could have managed to throw that big stone so perhaps that story isn’t true.


See, it’s still behind us.


If we’d parked in one of the lay-bys along the road we’d have come along on a footpath from this side.


The footpaths get really big along this bit.


There are lots more footpaths across the heath but we didn’t have time to go exploring today.


Look, we can still see the rock.


But before too long the rock has disappeared and we’re back to the woods, on our way back to Studland village.


This is from the top of the hill – we can see the sea and the white cliffs in the distance.


And hey presto here we are at the bottom of the hill and down on the beach seeing the same cliffs.


Mmm nom nom, time for a bit of nourishment.


And then let’s go for a walk along the beach…. shall we go this way


Or shall we walk this way…


Let’s go this way.


Lots of smells in the seaweed and funny things on the beach.


And lots of lovely wet sand to run on.. and seagulls to chase!


Sand always makes me want to do zoomies!


These trees had fallen off the cliff and were covered in seaweed.


And here we are back again, in time for an ice cream in the sunshine.


Nom nom, I love ice cream! Mum let me lick her tub, she had honeycomb ice cream and it was very yummy indeed.


Walking always makes me thirsty so time for a quick drink before we set off for home… with just a quick detour to find one more cache in Wimborne! We picked up a travel bug at the weekend and it wants to get back to Slovenia so we figure he might stand a better chance at a Travel Bug Hotel and there’s a fairly new one in Wimborne. Perfect!

An earthcache, a souvenir for finding the earthcache on International Earthcache Day, a regular cache and a drop off for the travel bug to help him on his way… an excellent day don’t you think!

earthcache souvenir

Windy Winspit

•October 5, 2015 • 7 Comments

One of mummy’s bestest old friends was down in Dorset for a long weekend and they came to stay with us on the Friday night and then we met up with them down at Worth Matravers on Sunday afternoon for a walk down to St Aldhelms Chapel and along to Winspit.

Here is me with daddy walking down past the Square & Compass pub in Worth Matravers.


And here we are about to start walking down the footpath… hmmm, is that cows I see?


We decided to walk along the road instead because all the cows were going in to be milked and we didn’t fancy trying to walk along that path through a herd of cows that were all eager to get into the milking parlour.


Look at the size of this water trough! I thought I was lucky having some of my very own troughs up in the horse field but this one is like a monster version.


We saw lots of interesting things on our walk down to the cliffs. An aerated barn, I don’t think it would be much of a shelter on a rainy day.


And here is a quarry that is still being worked. Lots of lovely big chunks of stone.


This is St Aldhelms Chapel – it’s a funny square building without any big windows so it’s very dark inside. We didn’t get any more pictures of the inside because someone was busy praying but you can see some more on the link at the beginning.


And here is the National Coastwatch Institution lookout station which has volunteers working in it. They looked very smart in their uniforms. You can read more about it here if you are interested St Albans Head Lookout Station.


Whoa, mustn’t get too near the edge, it’s a long way down and mummy doesn’t want me to become one of those poor doggies that goes falling down the cliff and has to be rescued by the big helicopter.


There was a funny round thing here but nothing much in it – it was quite windy and my ears were flapping around a lot.


There were lots of these scary looking spider nests.


Hey mum, hurry up, we’re being left behind – that’s our friends in the distance.


It’s a long way to walk and because it was a really long way down to the sea I had to go on the stretchy lead.


It was still pretty windy – down there is Winspit, the old quarry that is no longer used.


Everyone looks like little tiny people but I reckon they were regular size. We didn’t walk right down to the quarry because our friends had already walked to Swyre Head and been to Lulworth and Kimmeridge so they were a bit tired out after doing lots of walking already.


Here I am on the track that would take us back up to Worth Matravers.


And here I am back in the village.. not looking at the ducks by the duck pond. I’m way to sensible to want to chase ducks.


Phew, a nice bowl of cold water after that walk went down really well.


Mum took loads of pictures and she’s put them in a slideshow gadget in case you want to look at them. Or she thinks she has, Flickr doesn’t seem to be the same as it used to be.

By the way, in case you were wondering why we didn’t do any geocaching, it was because we didn’t actually walk past any – there are lots and lots of geocaches along the coast so we’re going to go back again next weekend for another walk and make sure we find some – especially on Sunday 11th because that’s Earth Cache Day when we have to find an Earth Cache to get the Souvenir!



TR’s Trail – A Geocache trail in Dorset

•October 1, 2015 • 8 Comments

It’s going to rain next week. The weather people say so and we believe the weather people, well, most of the time. So, today we decided to do a walk around my geocache trail to check all the clues and the cache containers. We were over in Winterborne Kingston anyway because I was having my fur done at nine o’clock… so freshly washed, cut and blow dried, I was ready to go before eleven.

First stop was a sniff in the grass along the first bit of the footpath. So much to smell and it’s been such a long time since I last walked here I had a shed load of pee-mail to catch up on.


We were soon at the first clue where geocachers find out the first set of coordinates which will take them to the second clue. No, it’s not in any of the photographs because that would be a ‘spoiler’ and it’s really not that difficult so a ‘spoiler’ isn’t needed.

In the next picture we’re on our way to the second clue. I’m on the scent of a pheasant… or maybe two.


And now here we are on the way to the next clue and I’ve managed to get a sticky burr stuck on my paw. I thought with my mole cut I’d be pretty burr-proof, but obviously not.


When we’d first set the trail and it had been published, I think it was about here that I met a fellow geohound, which was very exciting! I’ve met some before but not one doing my big geocache trail.


We stopped here to look at the view… all the views are nice, though some are better than others… I like the ones where there are pheasants.


All the fields are mostly bare and waiting to be ploughed, we could hear tractors out ploughing in some other fields.


This is along past another clue, I sat down for a rest while mum checked the container and the laminated piece of paper with the clue on it.


This is looking down towards Winterborne Zelston.


The clue might be somewhere near here but I’m not going to tell you where! Anyway, now we were up in Coll Wood where it was nice and shady. Maybe not as shady as it had been last time we walked here because it looked like a tree had recently been cleared from blocking the path.


The bridleway was full of the scent of pheasants, I was walking with my nose to the ground and mum had to keep telling me to hurry up.


The footpath goes through the woods for quite a long way and then it runs along just on the outside of the woods and we stopped to look back down towards the village.


And then up the other way across the fields.


That’s the footpath, see how nice and firm the ground is… and even though it’s quite narrow there aren’t many brambles or nettles.


That picture is along past another clue… no, I’m not giving you any pictures of where the clues are… that wouldn’t be fair, I’m just showing you some of the views along the way. Anyway, it’s around this point that you can choose to take the ‘short-cut’ to the last clue, but my other geocache “TR’s Secret Rendezvous” is only an extra mile and we were checking out that cache container too. So, this is the path down to Rendezvous Plantation.


Another short-cut bridleway here but we were going to walk through Rendezvous Plantation and to the track on the other side.


Pheasants are everywhere… I can smell them. I can chase them and make them fly. Silly birds. They need to know how to fly fast to escape the guns.


Not far now.


Phew, here we are, through the wood and out on the track.


Hey, mud… I remember this is always a good spot in the winter, it’s pretty muddy now but I’m staying out of it because I don’t want to get wet and muddy Mum told me to.


The track goes along the edge of the wood and we can look through at the view on the other side.


This metal thing is something they use for stretching wire fences. Rather good isn’t it.


Now, wouldn’t this tree have made a great hiding place for a geocache… I’m glad it wasn’t a tree we’d hidden our cache in, because some huge wasps, or maybe they’re hornets, have made their nest in it. Anyway, we found our geocache and it was nice and dry and still safely tucked away in its hiding place. So, off we went… time to make our way back down to the final clue.


Hey, these guys are new.. they weren’t here last year when we came!


This was a stray tractor with a trailer loaded with seed, or maybe it’s fertiliser. We didn’t stop to look at the labels. Check out that number plate!


Just another view… there are lots. And how’s that for a really tall stack of straw bales!


Hey, wait for me mum… I’m coming as quick as I can. I just had to give a pheasant a flying lesson.


Puff, puff, pant, pant… phew, that was a long run.


See that big blue square? It’s another Solar farm, there are lots of them springing up all over. I wonder if they soak up all the sun and then on cold cloudy days we can push a button and they’ll let some sun out again?


This bit of the footpath is a bit of a nightmare in the winter, it’s like a mud bath. Totally bleargh.


Can you see me? I’m resting in the shade. I could be somewhere near a clue… or maybe not. That’s for me to know and you to find out!


Bet you can’t see me now. And no, I’m not hiding in the big yellow bag. And now it’s time to head off to the final cache container because if you’ve found all six clues you’ll now have all the things you need to work out the final coordinates!


Just a quick stop off on the way to check another cache. And to look at the view.


This bit of the path is the most overgrown but there’s still a small pathway down the middle and no nasty nettles and brambles.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? What? You can’t see it? It was a big lumpy looking plane with it’s end kind of bent up and two big wings.


Well, we’re almost done now… here we are at one of Farmer Burgess’s fields and someone is out ploughing! We couldn’t see who it was but they were doing very nice long straight lines. Oops I think my new fur-do is blowing the wrong way in the wind. I look like a unicorn.


Ah, this is better, I look like a dog again.


The cache container checked out okay, all nice and dry… the mouse had been nibbling at the camouflage bag again, I think we might give it a nice new one next time we’re passing.

Look at this, can you see the track? It’s got lots of crushed up bits of road on it so I bet it’s not so muddy in the winter any more! I remember coming along here when I was a very young puppy and meeting my pal Barney and we’d do a lot of zooming and jumping around right in the muddiest spots.


Almost back now, just one more cache to check along here and then we can go home. This one needs a nice clean cache container because the original one is going a bit mouldy inside so we’ll swap it over next time we’re here.

So, that was our walk – checking out TR’s Trail and TR’s Secret Rendezvous – a total of 7.42 miles in 3 hours. I don’t think the machine really knows how many calories I used because I only weigh about 13kg and am 22″ tall, maybe I need a special doggy counter… I might get more dinner rations then!


So, why not put your geocaching hat on and come out and do my trail? Or if you haven’t got a clue what I’ve been woofing on about, why not go to and see what it’s all about.

It’s Dukebox time again!

•September 17, 2015 • 3 Comments

Wow can you believe it’s a whole month gone by already? We’ve been kind of busy because granny was in hospital and its summer time and I’m a dog that has a hectic social life so I keep my staff busy.

Anyway, Mr Parcelforce came this morning with a box…


It’s my box… And it smells good… Open it up please mum.


Woof! A Dog&Co Pull My Leg Lion – he’s got long arms, or are they legs… if you pull his leg his arm gets shorter, then if you pull his arm his leg gets shorter. What fun but a bit confusing not knowing if they’re legs or arms! He’s nice and soft and squishy too.

And there’s a funny rubbery ball… looks like it would be good for chewing on and I reckon it will do some random bouncing out in the garden! And noms! Lots of noms… The folk at Ruby and Duke know that most of us dogs will do anything for a treat!


Thid is my ‘good dog’ face. The best smelling treats are the Green & Wild’s Crunchy Bakes… salmon and kelp – I’ve not seen these before and I have to say they’re absolutely delicious!


I couldn’t wait to try them.

And what do we have here… a pupbake. Peanut Butter, wow that will be perfect for this weekend. Mum and dad are going on holiday and my Aunty Kaz and Uncle Will are coming to house sit with my pal Bear the Bichon, so I reckon we might be having some naughty midnight snackeroonies!


There are also some Betty Miller’s ‘chilled dog’ treats… perfect for before bedtime.


Well, that’s me tired out… and the treats have been put away. I’m supposed to be watching my waistline but as mum and dad are going to be away for a week, I think I might get a bit spoilt rotten!

So, if you’d like to get yourself one of these fab boxes every month, hop along to Ruby and Duke and mention my name ‘TEAGAN‘ to get a very special discount off a subscription.

Makes me want to grrrrr

•July 6, 2015 • 6 Comments

This afternoon we decided not to go to the woods or the heath but to stay near home and do our Woodcutts Lane walk. So, we walked up the lane and then climbed the footpath up to the top of the hill. It was lovely and sunny with a nice breeze as we walked along the footpath through the fields. The first field had been cut earlier on in the day and the cut grass was drying. The next one was looking lovely and will probably be cut soon too. The next field had already been cut and baled into nice little old fashioned small bales.


The next fields are wheat and rapeseed, or something like that, we walk in such a lot of fields – we could see smoke in the distance and wondered where it was coming from. Well, can you believe it… someone had just lit a fire and burnt some rubbish and not even all their rubbish, lots was just scattered around.


I was a bit scared, we don’t ever see fires on our walks. Anyway, there was a lot of rubbish not burning on the fire so as there was a McDonalds bag, mum picked up all the rubbish and put it in the bag to take home. So, what kind of person does something like this? Let’s look at the clues…


This is all the rubbish before we put it in our recycling bin, except of course for the box of 200 doggy poo bags – now, why would they just throw away a box of poo bags? We’re going to put them in the container on the fence along our bit of footpath for people to pick up after their dogs.

There were lots of odd bits of paper, an egg box, some empty cigarette packets, two pens, two empty coke cans, a Ladbrookes football thingy, an appointment card for ‘nails’, two tiny plastic waistcoats, a shopping list, parking tickets and a medicine information sheet…. no cuddly toy or teasmaid. (Mummy says if you’re really old you’ll know what she means by that.)

So, let’s look at those clues more closely:


Who has a shopping list like this? Who ate meatballs and pasta this week… and had a roast dinner at the weekend. it was written on the back of an exercise sheet, the kind you get given when you have a bad back.


This was an unopened parking ticket. There were two of these – the first was for the 7th April in Kingston Road and the second on the 17th May at West Park MSCP.

So, who drives a FIAT with the registration W466 MHW ??


And does this person also take Diazepam?


And are they small enough to fit in these tiny little plastic waistcoats? I don’t think so… I think some Ken dolls are missing their waistcoats.

But why were they at the top of the hill with a pile of rubbish? Or maybe the lady with a bad back who had her nails done and takes Diazepam decided to empty out her very large handbag and set fire to the rubbish.

I do hope they weren’t geocachers, though i think geocaching folk know better and practise ‘cache in trash out’ so wouldn’t dream of leaving the countryside strewn with rubbish.

Well, as I’m sure you want to grrr as well now, let’s finish off with a picture from our walk this morning at the top of the footpath on our field… we’ve been trying out some new clip on lenses for the iPhone but the new ‘Photos’ doesn’t have the same options to edit pictures and add a fuzzy edge or different borders – if you know where they’ve gone do let us know please! The little clip on wide angle lens seems to leave black corners.

But the main thing is I’m perfectly posed and the main focus of the picture. I hope everyone has had a lovely day and didn’t drop any litter.



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