My Ginger pals

•February 15, 2015 • 5 Comments

In about ten days time we’re having Hintza to stay with us for a while. He’s a big bouncy 2 year old labrador so some entertainment has to be arranged to keep him happy. I don’t mind having a run around for a while but I’m all grown up and quite sensible nowadays so we’re going to do some walks with my ginger pals. Here we are on a walk we did last week… ready for the off. It’s Maja and Ilka the vizslas and Shelby the cocker… and me of course.


Come on, time to go, we’ve all said hello and can’t wait to get going.


Here we are saying hello to the first doggy we met.


Goodness me, I thought I was a bit of a dawdler sometimes but Shelby takes the biscuit! Look at her, bimbling along miles behind the rest of us.


This handsome fellow was called Jackson.


We all had to say hello to him.


Soon we were off into the woods and having lots of sniffs.


And meeting more doggies.. such a lot of sniffing to do.


Tall ones, short ones… these two were wearing very smart jackets.


We had lots of great zoomies.


Ilka is the bounciest dog I’ve ever met, she runs and leaps just like a deer!


I think Maja and Ilka will get on just fine with Hintza.


We also took some time out to do some digging.


We’re sort of on the homeward stretch now so Shelby is looking much more lively!


Ilka is still bouncy, I reckon she’d need to do a marathon before she got even a little bit tired out.


Shelby and I doing a bit more digging and sniffing.


Almost home again – aren’t they good? They all sit at the curb and wait to cross the road.


That was so much fun! I think Hintza is really going to get on well with my ginger pals.

Snow Day!!!

•February 2, 2015 • 7 Comments

Everyone else has been getting some snow and this morning it was our turn to have some snow! It came down overnight and surprised us when we woke up and saw it! This is the track up to the horse field, untrodden on by humans, so I couldn’t wait to leave a nice trail of paw prints.


Pickle came too of course. She hasn’t really seen snow before – it was snowing on the day daddy went to collect her but she was quite young then and probably doesn’t remember much about it. Poor Fordson looks a bit cold and lonely doesn’t he. I bet he’s really looking forward to find a nice new home with someone who will put him in a nice warm garage and buy him lots of new bits.


Here’s Pickle walking back along the footpath. We found human footprints up here and we used our little grey cells to work out that they belonged to Uncle Simon.


This is me having my Eddie the Eagle moment…. am I going to run and launch myself off the top of this hill?


After we’d said hello to the horses we went up the road to see what the view was like from the bench.


This was me scouting round trying to find a good spot to have my morning poo. Snow makes the decision very hard, I ended up choosing a tuft of grass. And yes mum did bag it and we parked it on a fence post and picked it up on our way home.


The footpath had seen quite a few people already, well, maybe two or three.


Here I am at my usual spot where mum takes a photo of me.


When we got to the edge of the field look who we bumped into! It was Freddie, William and Bilbo!!

Bilbo seems to have grown such a lot since we last saw him! He’s 8 months old now and is really big but still very leggy and incredibly bouncy.


We had great fun chasing each other around.


I got left behind because I was getting snow balls on my legs and between my toes.


Mum forgot to grease me up this morning but if we get any more snow she’ll remember to do it next time.

Meanwhile, it was a half and half day – in the afternoon we went to the heath and most of the snow had gone from there. We saw this little robin looking for bugs on the trees.


We stopped to say hello to the horses again. This one seems to like sticking his head across the barbed wire fence to get at the ‘greener grass’ and the tastier gorse… he’s ripped the collar on his rug.

This one is at it too – stretching over the fence to get to the gorse on the other side… gorse? They must have really thick tough mouths to eat all those prickles.


Well that’s about it for our snow and non-snow walk.

We only did the short walk today because we wanted to go out in the garden again when we got home because we still have snow at home. Definitely no snow here in the bracken!


2014 in review

•January 1, 2015 • 5 Comments

The stats helper monkeys very kindly prepared a 2014 annual report for my blog! I’m afraid I’ve not been very active in blog land this year but I promise to try and do better next year.

So a big thank you to the monkeys and a very happy New Year to you.. yes, you, my lovely reader… I look forward to you joining me on my adventures in 2015.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,100 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 35 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

The Meeting!!

•December 10, 2014 • 10 Comments

I finally got to meet my beau, the incredibly handsome Mr Kipling from California! Yes, a few weeks ago he flew across the sea in a big airplane and has taken up residence in sunny Sidmouth… which is a bit different to sunny California, but who cares. It’s not very far away and yesterday mum and I went down to meet him and his lovely social secretary.

The journey started off very well indeed, we were only one car behind this van carrying pet supplies – so in the event of an emergency of some kind, I would be well catered for!!


Not far into the journey we came across some road works where we had to wait a while to drive through in convoy, which was quite exciting. It looked like this big crane thing was trying to pick up the UPS delivery van!


And here we are at the end of the convoy journey. The man on his little quad bike jumped off and got ready to go and fetch the traffic coming in the opposite direction.


There were a couple of other little traffic delays but it wasn’t long before we could see the sea! It’s been so long since I’ve been to the beach that I’d forgotten what it looked like.


We found Mr Kipling’s residence without too much trouble and he invited mum and me inside so that we could say hello properly. There was rather a lot of bouncing and wagging so we popped outside so I could have a quick wee (oops, must remember not to do it on the grass…. a man came and told us off) and then we went to sit down for a bit while our staff drank some tea.


This is Mr Kipling on his Orvis bed. I’ve seen them in the Orvis catalogue but always wanted to try one out to see whether they’re as comfy as they look.


So I did. Mr Kipling didn’t mind at all, so I hopped in and tried it out. Wowzer, it was super-duper comfy. I wonder if I’ll be able to persuade daddy to get me one for my birthday.


Enough tea and chat, it was time to go out. So we got ourselves ready and headed off out to the beach.


Here we are… Mr Kipling was really eager and couldn’t wait to be let off his lead.


We were both off our leads and ready to do zoomies on the beach – it was great because there weren’t any other people on there.


Hey, wait for me.


Here we are doing some zooming.

I’ve got the ball..


Mr Kipling’s got the ball..


And here we are doing some more zooming.

We made lots of paw prints chasing around after the balls.



I think Mr Kipling got a bit puffed out.



But we did lots more zooming around.. not always in the same direction.



It was time for a bit of a paddle to cool off a bit.



And then a bit more ball chasing.



And some more zoomies.


And then a bit of everything.


The water was lovely but the humums didn’t want to join us.



Look at all this sand! So much space to run.


Still more zoomies


And then a walk down the other end of the beach.


It was a bit stonier and I think I liked the smooth sand best.


There was a house at the top of the tall cliffs, I think it might fall in one day so we stayed away just in case.


I like leaving my paw print trails in the wet sand.


Tee hee, Mr Kipling wasn’t looking quite as clean and tidy as when we’d left his house earlier on! His white bits had all turned sandy brown.


I think this bit was my favourite place on the beach, but soon it was time to go and find somewhere for lunch.


We went to ‘Dukes’ for lunch – a nice man gave us a Bonio each and our mums had fish and chips but let us have a few little bits. There were no doggy meals on the menu – in California they have proper dog meals on the menus. Hmm I think Mr Kipling has his work cut out to make places over here more doggy friendly!


We were quite tired so we lay down and did some human watching.


And then it was time to go.



How cool is this? Blankies to wrap up in when you sit outside! And a cap to keep your head warm!



So, that was it. Our first meeting. A perfect day.

Next time he’s going to come and visit us at our house and I’ll be able to show him round our field and take him to our local pub.


Tribal Treats!!

•November 9, 2014 • 8 Comments

My friend Theodore at Chelsea Dogs contacted me last week to see if I could help out with a bit of treat testing… He and his canine colleagues have to try out all the products and sometimes they need to get extra help so of course I was only too happy to oblige.

So, a couple of days later a package arrived in the post containing two packs of Tribal dog treats – Liver & Lavender and Beef & Tomato. They have other flavours too – Tuna (I figured Pickle might want to eat those), Coconut, Banana & Peanut Butter (that one’s Theodore’s favourite) and Apple, Mint & Ginger (I eat a lot of minty horse treats so I reckon these could be good too) – but anything meaty is always a safe bet. Oops, almost forgot there’s a Chicken & Flaxseed treat and also some Cheese, Carrot & Sunflower seed ones too – now they sound really good, I shall see if mum can get me some of those as cheese & carrot are two of my favourite things… and I’m sure sunflower seeds must be good too.

Mmmm can't wait to get started

Mmmm can’t wait to get started

Well, we did encounter a slight problem straight away – opening the packet. I couldn’t manage it with my paws so of course I had to let mum do it for me. Could she get in? No… the top wouldn’t tear off and she had to resort to scissors. Sheesh, how hard can it be to find a pair of scissors? Eventually she found some and then we were in… the aroma was good and I think the humans would give them 10/10 because they’re not stinky like my tripe sticks. In fact I reckon you could pop a few of these in your coat pocket on a walk and not end up with a smelly pocket. They’re also nice & biscuity and they won’t leave a greasy mark either.

Waiting for the treat

Waiting for the treat

Okay, well let me have it… now please… I’ve got a mouthful of drool and that’s not a good look.

Mmmm nom nom

Mmmm nom nom

At last… all this posing is rather inconvenient when all I want to do is get down to the eating. To get the full effect you’ll need to have your volume turned up, they really are super crunchy…

Well, testing just once wasn’t enough… I had to do more tests to see if I had a preference.

Liver & lavender or Beef & Tomato?

Liver & lavender or Beef & Tomato?

Waiting… always waiting, waiting for the command…

But it was a close thing...

But it was a close thing…

Liver and Lavender won that time but to be honest they were only a foot apart and I really wasn’t that bothered which one I ate first, I knew I was going to get both in the end.

Liver and Lavender or Beef and Tomato

Liver and Lavender or Beef and Tomato

And once more, just to make sure. Er, make sure of what? That I like them? How many times do I have to try them before they’re declared well and truly ‘tested’.

They're both good

They’re both good

I think mum forgot which one she put on which side but I really didn’t care, I ate them both anyway.

Pickle wanted to get in on the act

Pickle wanted to get in on the act

Excuse me!!! I think you’ll find that these are ‘dog’ treats and not ‘cat’ treats. And they most definitely aren’t for playing with. Pickle was shooed out the way so I could carry on with the delicate task of taste testing. The Liver and Lavender ones are ideal for bed time treats – the packet says that they are ‘rich in nutrients with a calming aroma to keep your dog happy and relaxed’ and suggests a couple before bedtime. The beef and tomato ones are a ‘source of antioxidants for strong immune health’ and Tribal suggest having them in the morning to help keep your dog in tip top shape. I’m all for that.

Time for bed after all that tasting

Time for bed after all that tasting

So, after a hard couple of days of crunching and sniffing and deliberating, I came to the conclusion that I like both treats the same, which is just as well because I can have the beef & tomato ones in the morning and the liver & lavender ones before bedtime. I’d give them both a big five star paws-up and would recommend them to any discerning canines looking for yummy healthy treats. With morning and evening treats that just leaves a large portion of the day with no treats but I’m pretty sure some of the other flavours would be suitable for elevenses and mid-afternoon snackeroonies.

Finally, I’d like to woof a big thank you to Theodore at Chelsea Dogs for asking me to try these fab treats and give a big paws-up to the folk at Tribal for making them. Before you go, why not go and take a look for yourself?  Better still, try some, I think you’ll love them. And I don’t say that about any old treat… it may be hard to believe but there are some things that I refuse to eat!

It’s been a busy few days so I’m off to bed now for some rest and relaxation with the help of a couple of the liver and lavender treats of course.

Wednesday Wanderings

•September 10, 2014 • 2 Comments

 It was a lovely evening tonight, just the right temperature, not too hot and not too cold. We decided to try a new bit of footpath that we’d not tried before – it went diagonally across this field that had lots of tiny stacks of straw. Most of them were 2 bales high but this one was just 1 bale high so I hopped on for a photo opportunity.



We had to walk all the way across the field and at the other side mum had to help me over a stile because it wasn’t at all dog friendly. Boo hiss. What’s a big labrador supposed to do? Mum can pick me up but if I was any bigger she’d struggle to get me up and over the steps. Anyway, when we eventually got over the stile we had to do a bit of road walking but first we sat for a while on this bench.



We had to walk quite a way but the road was very quiet, we only saw one car the whole time we were on it.



We’d been walking along Crichel Lane and then got to this junction where we turned back down towards Manswood.IMG_0885

There are some nice old houses with great big chimneys. 



It was good to be back on footpaths instead of tarmac. My paws don’t like roads very much but mum says it keeps my nails down.



After our walk we went to visit Granny and by the time we drove home it was dark and the Super Moon was out! It really did look big and pink and very Super as we were going along the road but it just looks like a little white dot here! IMG_0894

Maybe we’ll have better luck next time there’s a Super Moon, or perhaps you should just look at someone else’s photos!


A Walk with the Gingers!

•September 9, 2014 • 5 Comments

Oops, that’s probably a non-pc title isn’t it? But honestly they’re all ginger, not a spec of black between them, and a gorgeous bunch of girls! Come to think of it, even my morning walk was with Pickle who’s a tortie so a part-ginger. These are a few pics from one of our morning walks up in the field, starting with us walking along the footpath.


And this is me sitting down by the fence staring through the stock fencing watching my friend Simon. If the gaps in the fence weren’t so small, I’d be down there saying hello toy im.


As usual, Pickle came along too, she’s still doing her #bemoredog thing and trots along just like a dog. She even pants like a dog with her tongue out.


She doesn’t get as distracted as I do, though sometimes she stops to climb a tree or chase a critter in the long grass.


She’s getting ahead of me here.


I thought I heard noises from down in the car park, could it be someone coming to see the horses? Maybe not, just a false alarm.


All quiet down the hill and it’s going to be another lovely sunny day.


We walk all the way round the field.. by now Pickle is panting like a dog.


Mum tried to get a picture of her with her tongue out but she moves too fast. Anyway, now onto the proper gingers. We went over to visit my bestest Auntie Susie and Maja and Shelby who you’ve probably seen before, but it was also my first time meeting their new pup Ilka who’s 10 months old now.


Ilka is a Vizsla like Maja – isn’t she pretty?


This is me and Shelby, we’ve been friends for a long time now.  I think she likes having another short pup to walk out with.


Maja and Ilka were miles ahead of us.


We went for a lovely long walk but it was difficult for mum to get pictures of all four of us. Most of the pictures she took were all blurry because we move so fast.


Here we are at the top of a hill. That’s Ilka at the top.


Here we are going down the hill.. I was having a bit of a bonkers moment because of all the sand. I don’t know what it is but sand always makes me go bonkers.


And here we’re on our way back to the car. Shelby and I look like we’re not friends but we are really.  We had a great time and I think we should do it again really soon.


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