Very very last post

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This blog is full to busting with pictures of mostly me and typist had to set up a new one to carry on posting even more photos of me, and the occasional one of Pickle.

Talking of Pickle…

That was her up at the stables in one of the horse food trugs.

Right, we’re gone… off to Teagan Times Too. Are you coming with us? You can still do catchup with all the old posts on here, but you won’t get any new ones … except me doing last post posts. I wonder how many of those I can do!

Au revoir from me and Pickle xx

The Very Last Post

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Hmm it seems I didn’t make it very clear in my Last Post that it was the Last Post in this blog, like forever and ever. I’ll never be coming back here again.

Well, except for now of course to explain the last post thing. This blog is full and I’ve had to start a new one, called Teagan Times Too.

Yes, I like to stick to a theme! So from now on you can find me HERE!! 

I’ve got my typist to sort out the widget things so you can follow me or get email updates, we’d done it before but they all disappeared, poof, like magic! Anyway, I got them all magicked back again.

So, it’s goodbye from me and I’ll see you on the other side …. at Teagan Times Too.

The Last Post : Whatcombe Woods Walk

•April 10, 2016 • 6 Comments

Seven years ago, almost to the day, I went for a walk at Whatcombe Woods. Today I went to Whatcombe Woods with mummy and daddy and Aunty Kaz and Uncle Will and Bear the Bichon! We had lots of fun and Bear got quite dirty in the mud… white is such a silly colour isn’t it!


Uncle Will and Bear were a bit slow…


Mummy and me were out front checking out the mud.


The paths were all muddy – it looked like lots of horses go along here now, we can’t remember it being this muddy when we used to come here a lot.


Bear and I make a cute pair don’t we..


It’s a bit less muddy here – now daddy is at the back and Uncle Will is racing ahead!


Bear likes treats… this is him doing his ‘feed me’ look.


Oh my goodness, where is everyone? Hurry up, hurry up!


We met this cute pair of shelties and stopped to say hello.


They were very cute and had long pointy noses. Anyway, that was about it for our walk because we had to get home for a late lunch that daddy was cooking for us… roast beef, nom nom! So, we both had a wash and we all went indoors.


This is Bear having his bath in the utility room sink… in warm water with bubbles. A perk of being a small dog… me being a medium dog just gets hosed off outside. Sometimes it’s just not fair.


And here is Bear having his tummy dried… what a baby!!

Anyway, you’ll have noticed the title ‘The Last Post’ – well I’m afraid we’ve completely filled up this blog and we’re going to be going over to a brand new one which will be just the same, only new and empty. So, don’t forget to hop along and pop your email in for updates on new posts. Just click anywhere there. OR HERE!!






Almost summer

•April 6, 2016 • 7 Comments

Okay, maybe I’m being a bit optimistic about the ‘summer’ but if you’re in a sheltered spot when the sun shines it’s absolutely lovely. And lovely weather calls for a swim… or a paddle. I’m jolly glad that the farmers have left the old water troughs in the fields.


Ooh it’s lovely, even if it is a bit green and slimy – it makes me want to hoochie on down and have a good old wriggle around in it.


But that would be too naughty wouldn’t it so perhaps I should just stand here for a while.


Before I leap out – all cool and refreshed.


And ready to finish our walk in the sunshine before those clouds catch up with us.


We did our usual walk but decided to cut through the woods where they were doing some tree work last year. It’s all going to be a sea of bluebells soon and the criss-cross paths are really nice to walk along.


It’ll be lovely when the bluebells are out.

IMG_0117 (1)

Here I am back at the crossroads and the big chunk of wood – with just one single solitary feather, I think the secret feather police have been out again so the mystery ‘feather leavers’ will have to get to work collecting more feathers.


Ooh er, the clouds are starting to win.


We’d better get a move on, I don’t want to get my stick wet.


Phew, that was lucky… me and my stick are safely back in the car.


This stick was worth 2 pieces of tripe. I’m always sad to see them go flying off into the hedge but I’m always happy to get the tripe in return.


Barking Good Noms!!

•April 2, 2016 • 5 Comments

Apparently humans always say that it’s ‘better late than never’. I have no idea why they think that might apply to anything related to a dog because us dogs always want things now, not in 5 minutes and most certainly not in 10 minutes. Walk? Food? Treat? Now. Not later. Got it? Good. And when someone has been kind enough to send me some free goodies to try I think they should just drop everything and give it all their attention straight away.

Anyway, OVER a month ago, while mum and dad were away on holiday, I did a retweet competition to win some doggy treats from Barking Bakery and I was one of the lucky winners! Luckily they were due back home very soon and actually arrived back on the very same day as my parcel of goodies was delivered! Almost too much excitement for a spaniel! I’d not seen my humans for two whole weeks but then I also couldn’t wait to get the lid off the box…


At last, with a bit of help from mum (my paws just can’t manage boxes) I was in and I gave the contents a good sniff. Apple Twists and Doggie Donuts. All made with care and love by Ma King at the Barking Bakery.


Look, you can see in the packets now – and very nice packaging it was too… with cute little windows so I could see what was in each one.


Mum asked me to choose which packet I wanted to try first – I went for the Apple Twists. I’m rather fond of apple and of course being a health conscious pup I like to make sure I get my 5 a day!


Ooh, absolutely scrummy delicious – can you believe that she wanted me to pose like this with my mouth open? I managed it for a millisecond before I grabbed that treat and munched and swallowed. And then I had another one…


I don’t know why I’m not allowed to eat them all in one go. Leaving them uneaten means that they’re fair game for the cat.. yes, the cat. She seems to like stealing my treats – I think she’s just jealous because she never wins anything.


Yes she actually ate some of the apple twist and would probably have had a go at a Doggie Donut if I’d not chased her out of the kitchen.


They’re mine, all mine and they all look totally delicious. Look, I’ve made this picture bigger so you can see that the label says that they are ‘only for dogs and puppies’. Yup, no mention of cats or kittens at all. Got it Pickle?


Taste test time… what, there were 6? No I think you’re mistaken… there were only 5 in the packet. Honest mum, I wouldn’t dream of stealing a treat.


Quick, quick… that darned cat is back.


OK… I shall sniff each one with care… hmmm, they all smell really delicious and to be honest they’re just one bite each and I’m pretty sure I could manage to eat all of them one after the other.


It’s a good job you can’t see the puddle of drool on the kitchen floor… while I was ‘deciding’ which one to eat.


I chose the pink one.. and then a carob one and then… they got put in a tupperware container in the fridge. What? Never mind that my tummy still had room for more, I was told I had to save some for the next day.

Anyway, I have to woof that they were all really yummy and mum told me that they’re all really healthy and made using human grade vegetarian ingredients… and none of those nasty preservatives, additives or sweeteners. That also means that they don’t keep for weeks and weeks so it’s best to eat them up really fast, though not as fast as I’d have liked.

So I’d like to give a great big woofing thank you to Barking Bakery for choosing me as one of the winners of your competition.

As well as Apple Twists and Doggie Donuts they also make Blueberry Bark, Brown Bears, Camomile Stars, Pizza Pies, Nut Bars… and more… they all sound totally yummy and if you have a look here you can see pictures and drool over them too. Check out the Happy Tails – treats for hounds to share with their humans – now I think they sound like an excellent idea, just perfect for a Saturday night in front of the telly lounging on the sofa, as long as you make sure the humans don’t eat too many!




Checking TR’s Trail

•March 25, 2016 • 5 Comments

A week or so ago we had an email letting us know that a geocacher had been unable to find Clue 1 on my multi-cache. They also hadn’t been able to find the one at New Barn. This morning the weather was perfect so mum and I got our stuff together and off we went. Mum wasn’t sure whether it would be ‘wellies’ or ‘walking boots’ and in the end she went for the walking boots.

We parked the car and walked up to where the first clue is hidden and, guess what, yup, it was right where we’d left it when we checked the trail in October before the winter set in. We’d come all this way so we carried on to check the all the others were still where we’d left them. No 2 was present and correct.

Next there was a small obstacle to get past… well, mum decided to walk round it but I thought I’d take a dip.


It was absolutely fabulous… cool and refreshing… I hoochied down and got myself properly wet.


It’s quite a big puddle, not quite a lake, but a massive puddle. It would be nice if it was there in the summer but it never is.


Clue No 3 was a little bit wedged into its hiding place so mum loosened it a bit before we carried on. We’d not actually looked at this one back in October because a nice farmer had opened the gate for us so we didn’t like to lurk around waiting for him to leave!

This next picture is the view from near No 4.


We’re now into the woods proper and here I am on the trail to No 5.


This will be a sea of bluebells in a couple of weeks time so we might come back again then. Meanwhile, there’s been a change in the bridleway route so we decided not to go on up to TRs Secret Rendezvous and used the new bridleway to see what it was like.


Before we set off we looked back towards Clue No 5.


Then off we went, over the horse jump and off through the woods.


This is the new bridleway, another sea of bluebells… it’s soon going to be really pretty.


There are lots of bird feeders so there were lots of good sniffs for me to check out.


Not to mention some puddles to cool off in… er, okay, wee in. Look, it’s a girl thing, I just can’t resist weeing in puddles!


I resisted this one though!


And here we are back on the regular bit of footpath.


There are lots of lovely old ancient trees here with huge trunks and loads of branches that would be great to climb.. for humans, not dogs.

We stopped to look at the view for a while…


And then we surveyed the puddles and mud. Mum reckons the mud score is probably a 5/10 or possibly a 6/10. There are only a few very muddy sections and all of them are passable round the edges with care. BOL ‘care’ is optional but if you don’t want to watch your step then make sure you have someone ready with a camera for when you fall in.


Clue 6 was present and correct too. So, off we went to check on ‘The Singing Post’… one of my extra caches to make the trail a bit more exciting for geocachers who don’t like long walks without caches.


It was fine… the snail colony were still living in the old plastic camo bag. I wonder why snails like living in plastic bags? There wasn’t any breeze so we didn’t get to hear the post singing when we passed by but we saw a log from a cacher that came up this morning and they said they heard it singing.

The weather was almost scorchio so I took a dip in this old water trough – lovely green water that makes me look like I’m covered in camouflage slime when I climb out!


And here we are back in Muston Lane… just like the good old days when we used to live in Winterborne Kingston and walked this walk most days.


It wasn’t at all muddy because there was a tree across the footpath… fine for mum and me to get by but not for horses and its the horses that churn up the footpaths with their great big hooves.


We took a bit of a detour to nip up to Hill Barn cache which couldn’t be found anywhere so we hid a new container and log sheet under a nice rustic piece of concrete. We also checked on the New Barn cache and Bingo’s Big One.

Look who we bumped into! It was my old pal Barney!! I haven’t seen him in ages and he was out walking with his neighbour a black lab. I remember having bonkers walks with Barney when I was a puppy and he was about 2. Such happy muddy memories!


Here we all are, almost back at my transport. Barney hasn’t changed much, but he’s got a few grey whiskers on his chin now… a bit like me!


That’s it for now… I’ve got a very belated ‘taste test’ blog to do and will put paws to keyboard very soon… they’re like buses. No posts for weeks and weeks and then a whole bunch at once.


A Walk on Holt Heath

•February 3, 2016 • 5 Comments

Today there was a nice blue sky and some sunshine so mum thought we’d go for a walk on the heath. We were both sleeping… and had to stop snoring and dreaming.


You want me to wake up?

Hintza had been trying out my ‘best’ bed, I only go in it when I’m clean and dry. I think it’s a bit small for him but he was determined to stay in it!


A walk? Now?

It was lovely on the heath, there was a bit of a chill wind but it was nice when the sun came out. Some of the mud had gone but there was still a lot left. We had loads of fun and met two nice labradors and a whole herd of bonkers springers!

I was soon jumping in a stream for a paddle but Hintza was a bit reluctant. I’m not even sure he can swim, I reckon he can – well, all labradors like water don’t they? But he just seems to look and then stays on the side watching.


Mmmm refreshing

Can you tell it was windy? Hintza’s ears don’t flap like mine do, I look like I’m about to take off.

IMG_8691 (1)

The best water hole

Yay! He went in.. only up to his ankles, but at least he went in!


Gate 37

He’s easily distracted and is either lagging behind or way out in front checking out the sniffs first.


Hurry up Hintza!

Neither of us went in this one – the water is black and stinky.


The stinkiest water hole

Well that was about it, four miles of mud and water… time to go home for more snoozing and dreaming.