The Last Post : Whatcombe Woods Walk

Seven years ago, almost to the day, I went for a walk at Whatcombe Woods. Today I went to Whatcombe Woods with mummy and daddy and Aunty Kaz and Uncle Will and Bear the Bichon! We had lots of fun and Bear got quite dirty in the mud… white is such a silly colour isn’t it!


Uncle Will and Bear were a bit slow…


Mummy and me were out front checking out the mud.


The paths were all muddy – it looked like lots of horses go along here now, we can’t remember it being this muddy when we used to come here a lot.


Bear and I make a cute pair don’t we..


It’s a bit less muddy here – now daddy is at the back and Uncle Will is racing ahead!


Bear likes treats… this is him doing his ‘feed me’ look.


Oh my goodness, where is everyone? Hurry up, hurry up!


We met this cute pair of shelties and stopped to say hello.


They were very cute and had long pointy noses. Anyway, that was about it for our walk because we had to get home for a late lunch that daddy was cooking for us… roast beef, nom nom! So, we both had a wash and we all went indoors.


This is Bear having his bath in the utility room sink… in warm water with bubbles. A perk of being a small dog… me being a medium dog just gets hosed off outside. Sometimes it’s just not fair.


And here is Bear having his tummy dried… what a baby!!

Anyway, you’ll have noticed the title ‘The Last Post’ – well I’m afraid we’ve completely filled up this blog and we’re going to be going over to a brand new one which will be just the same, only new and empty. So, don’t forget to hop along and pop your email in for updates on new posts. Just click anywhere there. OR HERE!!







~ by Teagan on April 10, 2016.

4 Responses to “The Last Post : Whatcombe Woods Walk”

  1. I didn’t know whether to ‘like’ your last post it being so final and everything. But happily I read through my tears to the end and discovered your first post.

    Though very confused I’ll use the link and follow you there.

    See you at the first post!

  2. Luc like pawsum walk my pal…..iz good to haz warm wash too…i dunt like da ozepipe

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