My family aka “The Others”



Both Wamba and Lily have now gone to Rainbow Bridge.. Wamba in 2009 and Lily on the 22nd January 2010.

As well as mummy and daddy (the two humans), I also live with my two step-sisters, Wamba and Lily. They’re persian cats and Wamba is Lily’s mummy. I don’t have much to do with Wamba because she’s mostly in her bed on the kitchen counter (it’s down one end, not at the end where food stuff goes on) or just sitting on the counter looking down at me with a funny look on her face. She’s 17 years old, so really ancient. January edit: Wamba has gone to Rainbow Bridge :o( so now it’s just me and Lily.

Lily is only 14 and she’s quite brazen and comes into my dog-zone sometimes. She also sits on the other side of the gate between dog and cat-zone and teases me, especially at night when I’m supposed to be quiet and sleeping.. sometimes she sits and stares at me, calls me names and waves her big fluffy tail around. I should just ignore her but sometimes I woof or make squeaky noises which wakes mummy up.. When I’ve escaped into cat-zone I’ve tried playing with her, but she’s not into my puppy games and just hisses at me and waves her paws around. Boy, you should see those claws.. wouldn’t like them to touch my nose!

Wamba in the bird-zone

Wamba in the bird-zone

This is out at the back of the house where the birds have their food. I used to run around there when I was a little puppy and eat the bird seed! I still go there but not very often.



Lily looks like she’d be good fun to play with but I don’t know if I’ll ever find out..

She used to have a brother called Theo but he went to Rainbow Bridge in May, a few days after I was born. I’m not sure if I should be pleased that I’ve replaced a “cat”.. hmmm..

Anyway, that’s “The Others”. One day mummy might get a picture of me with them, in the same room.. well, maybe..


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