Who am I? Where can you find me?

I’m Teagan – a working type Cocker Spaniel with a nice mummy who types for me. Well, I’m only a pup, you didn’t think I’d be typing it myself did you? Anyway, I live in a thatched cottage in a Dorset village surrounded by lots of fields, so we have lots of great walks on our doorstep. When I first came to live here I had a step-sister called Lily, she was a blue grey persian cat and her mum Wamba who was a blue cream. They both got old and have gone over the Rainbow Bridge now. 

In case you want to send me birthday cards or presents, I was born on the 29th April 2008. I love anything eatable, especially stuff that smells horrid, teddy bears and collars & leads.. I like to have a change when I go out visiting or for walks or to the pub

I’m a very sociable dog and have lots of friends – if you would like to find out where else I hang out, then here are a few links for you!

As well as having a blog I also tweet – @TeaganTheDog

I’m also on Flickr –  Teagan The Dog   

As well as that I have a tumblr blog called Teagans Tumblings

I am also a member of Blipfoto and have a photo blog called Teagan Times Two

You can find me on Facebook too!! I have a page called Teagan’s Walks and Friends  or Just look for Teagan Rose

I have a Linked In profile too but I don’t really use that much!

You can also find me on Empire Avenue where my ticker is TEAGAN – why not sign up and come and buy some!!

I also joined the new Google+ but I haven’t really figured out what to do with that.. but if you can find me feel free to put me in a circle and I’ll chase my tail!

In my spare time I like geocaching with my mum and dad – I blog about it sometimes and we have also set a couple of our own geocaches. I’m Teagan The Geodog and I’m a trackable, so if you do geocaching too and you meet me out on a walk, then you can discover me!!

Please leave a comment if you read my blog…  I would love to hear from you. I really like getting messages from my friends, especially those in other countries.

25 weeks old

29 weeks old

22 weeks old

22 weeks old

17 weeks old

17 weeks old

15 weeks old

15 weeks old

13 weeks old

13 weeks old

13-07-08 10 wks 5 days

13-07-08 10 wks 5 days

01-07-08 9 weeks old

01-07-08 9 weeks old

13-06-08 6 wks 3  days

13-06-08 6 wks 3 days


23 Responses to “Who am I? Where can you find me?”

  1. Hello Cousin Teagan!!
    I was weighed today and have broken the 10kg barrier!! So you are only 8.1kg behind me!! Hurry up and grow a bit, then we can go out for lots of fun walks. Maja has also put on a little bit of weight, well almost 3kg since she was weighed last. She is more than twice my weight and is 22.9kg, no wonder it hurts when she stands on me. Anyway time for another outing with mummy and daddy! Byyeeee!

  2. Hi there Shelby, Good to hear from you – I’ve heard all about you and can’t wait to come over and go for walkies! Or you could come and play with me over here, there are lots of nice corn fields. Teagan x x wuff

  3. Hi Teagan, from Denver, Colorado!

    • Thank you PiedType.. nice to hear from you. And thanks for reminding me that I haven’t updated this page for a while.. now I’m over a year it could do with a bit of editing! Teagan x x woof

  4. Beautiful photos are you a Drackettcase cocker??

    • Thank you for visiting, Pinklady, glad you like the photos. No I’m not a Drackettcase cocker but one day I hope to go and meet them when they have one of their “Cockers on the Beach” events. Teagan x

  5. Hi Teagan!!! *woof woof* Love the baby pics! so cute :o)

    • Hi Lou, Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we all started out tiny and cute! Now we’re all just BIG and cute BOL… gosh I really must get mum to help me update this page, as well as doing the blog. Perhaps I’ll just put an ad in situations vacant for a new typist. xx

  6. Hi Teagan, I’m Bob a Schipperke that lives in Portland, Oregon, USA with my parents. Happy I stumbled upon you blog. L8R ~Bob

  7. Enjoy reading your blog!

  8. Hello Teagon. Greetings from sunny Singapore. We found your blog while Twittering and have been reading all about your adventures. The pictures from your hometown are stunningly scenic—Miss Little Red Maple Leaf, the urban poodle, is a little jealous 😉

    • Hello Miss Little Red Maple Leaf, thank you for visiting all the way from Singapore. That’s a very long way away. I have some country poodle friends but they have black curls, yours are a gorgeous peachy colour! Hope to see you again soon x

  9. Hi Teagan

    I’ve just found your blog. It’s great! I love seeing more pictures about your day. Hope you are ok and having a good weekend.

    Lots of love from
    Lily xx

    • Hiya Lily, Thanks for visiting!! My mum isn’t as good as your mum about doing mine every day, so she couldn’t blip a blog! Hey, perhaps you could ask your mum to get you a twitter account too!
      I must give mum a nudge to do my blog more often, she still hasn’t finished the last bit of our Snowdonia holiday. If she doesn’t watch out I’ll be hiring someone else to do it BOL 🙂

  10. Hi Teagan, I just read about your latest geocaching and munzee adventure! Sounds that you have a lot of fun and that you have a great mummy 😉 Thanks for sharing! Greetings from the weather bee!

  11. Hi Teagan,

    What a wonderful blog and happy doggy life you are having! Just thought we’d say a big hello from our London HQ and top dog Theodore sends a lick! x

    • Thanks for visiting, I’m glad you liked it. Big wags for Theodore – I am soooo jealous of him working at Chelsea Dogs. You have some rather gorgeous beds… I may be browsing for some time and then I shall have to perfect my ‘please’ eyes.

      • We’re sure your ‘please’ eyes are impossible to resist – just like Theodore! Would you like us to send you a few small pressies to test and review? What is your favourite colour and favourite flavour?

      • OMD *excited wags, wiggles and spins* I would love to help Theodore by testing and reviewing something – Ummm now that’s a difficult question, my favourite colour is fuchsia pink, but I also like lime green and orange. I actually like most colours, except maybe royal blue because that’s a boy’s colour! My favourite flavour is bacon, or tripe, but I think bacon would win because it usually comes off a human’s plate 🙂
        You’re right, my ‘please’ eyes usually work… humans are a real paw-over.

  12. Looking forward to reading about your walks.

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