Wednesday Wanderings

•September 10, 2014 • 2 Comments

 It was a lovely evening tonight, just the right temperature, not too hot and not too cold. We decided to try a new bit of footpath that we’d not tried before – it went diagonally across this field that had lots of tiny stacks of straw. Most of them were 2 bales high but this one was just 1 bale high so I hopped on for a photo opportunity.



We had to walk all the way across the field and at the other side mum had to help me over a stile because it wasn’t at all dog friendly. Boo hiss. What’s a big labrador supposed to do? Mum can pick me up but if I was any bigger she’d struggle to get me up and over the steps. Anyway, when we eventually got over the stile we had to do a bit of road walking but first we sat for a while on this bench.



We had to walk quite a way but the road was very quiet, we only saw one car the whole time we were on it.



We’d been walking along Crichel Lane and then got to this junction where we turned back down towards Manswood.IMG_0885

There are some nice old houses with great big chimneys. 



It was good to be back on footpaths instead of tarmac. My paws don’t like roads very much but mum says it keeps my nails down.



After our walk we went to visit Granny and by the time we drove home it was dark and the Super Moon was out! It really did look big and pink and very Super as we were going along the road but it just looks like a little white dot here! IMG_0894

Maybe we’ll have better luck next time there’s a Super Moon, or perhaps you should just look at someone else’s photos!


A Walk with the Gingers!

•September 9, 2014 • 5 Comments

Oops, that’s probably a non-pc title isn’t it? But honestly they’re all ginger, not a spec of black between them, and a gorgeous bunch of girls! Come to think of it, even my morning walk was with Pickle who’s a tortie so a part-ginger. These are a few pics from one of our morning walks up in the field, starting with us walking along the footpath.


And this is me sitting down by the fence staring through the stock fencing watching my friend Simon. If the gaps in the fence weren’t so small, I’d be down there saying hello toy im.


As usual, Pickle came along too, she’s still doing her #bemoredog thing and trots along just like a dog. She even pants like a dog with her tongue out.


She doesn’t get as distracted as I do, though sometimes she stops to climb a tree or chase a critter in the long grass.


She’s getting ahead of me here.


I thought I heard noises from down in the car park, could it be someone coming to see the horses? Maybe not, just a false alarm.


All quiet down the hill and it’s going to be another lovely sunny day.


We walk all the way round the field.. by now Pickle is panting like a dog.


Mum tried to get a picture of her with her tongue out but she moves too fast. Anyway, now onto the proper gingers. We went over to visit my bestest Auntie Susie and Maja and Shelby who you’ve probably seen before, but it was also my first time meeting their new pup Ilka who’s 10 months old now.


Ilka is a Vizsla like Maja – isn’t she pretty?


This is me and Shelby, we’ve been friends for a long time now.  I think she likes having another short pup to walk out with.


Maja and Ilka were miles ahead of us.


We went for a lovely long walk but it was difficult for mum to get pictures of all four of us. Most of the pictures she took were all blurry because we move so fast.


Here we are at the top of a hill. That’s Ilka at the top.


Here we are going down the hill.. I was having a bit of a bonkers moment because of all the sand. I don’t know what it is but sand always makes me go bonkers.


And here we’re on our way back to the car. Shelby and I look like we’re not friends but we are really.  We had a great time and I think we should do it again really soon.

Friday Flower Walk

•August 2, 2014 • 2 Comments

On Friday afternoon we went to Manswood for a walk. The horrid heat has gone and it was lovely and cool and cloudy so we could go out earlier than when the sun is shining and it’s baking hot. Here I am on the big chunk of tree where the footpaths all cross. Someone has stuck some feathers in it.. somewhere there’s a bird with no tail feathers.


The combines have been out so I had lots of fun running in the stubble and trying to find the straw critters hiding in the piles of straw.


This is an odd sticky dead tree that sits at the top of the hill.


The sly was looking even greyer than it had been when we started out. We haven’t walked across this field before because it was full of oilseed rape before and when it’s really tall it’s not very nice to walk through.


This is a view from the top of the hill.


And another one a bit further over..


and another…


and the last one.



I suppose you could be wondering where all the flowers are…. well, there were such a lot of different flowers that we’ve put them in a slideshow.

We weren’t too sure if the Flickr slideshow was going to work, but it did… so next time we’ll spend a bit more time doing it and find some less plink plonky music.


On Thursday there was light…

•July 31, 2014 • 4 Comments

It all started on Wednesday when the men with the digger and the ‘trench digger’ arrived to dig a trench up through the field to the stables so that we could have electricity in the stables and lights for the winter.

So, to start at the beginning.. here is the digger unloading itself from the transport, with the help of a driver of course.


The trench cutter arrived afterwards and I reckon the best way to show you a ‘trench cutter’ is to show you it in action!  It was a bit noisy for me so I didn’t watch up close, just examined the results afterwards.

it digs really neat, slim, deep trenches like this.


Unfortunately it turned out that this field wasn’t just any field, this was a field with lots of sandstone under the ground. And trench cutters don’t like sandstone. So, it was taken back to the carpark ready to be loaded up to go home again.


The digger had to take over afterwards… not quite as neat but it still did the job.


Here is one of the rocks that came out of the ground… it’s no wonder the trench cutter didn’t like it much.


When they got to the bottom of the hill the digger had to dig a trench across the road – it digs a nice deep trench but not as neatly as the trench cutter.


Here it is being used to put the fence posts back again.


And this is the field we dug the trench through… it’s a really steep slope.


This is me examining the trench to make sure the electric cable and water pipe are far enough down in the ground.


Another picture of the trench cutter in action, or perhaps it was just ‘resting’.


So, after all that digging the electrician came today and fixed the big cable so that we could have electricity up in the stables. And that was about it.

Yes indeed folks, on the Thursday there was light in the darkness and it was wondrous.



Flowers by Lola

•April 14, 2014 • 6 Comments

A little while ago I entered a competition run by one of my favourite doggy websites Chelsea Dogs and I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive a wonderful collar accessory from Lola.  She makes the loveliest flowers and bows that can be attached to collars and I chose the pink spotty flower.

A The Box

Isn’t that just the most gorgeous parcel? I can’t believe that any fashion conscious girl wouldn’t love to have the postman pop a bright pink jiffy bag through the letterbox – the presentation is perfect and they would make ideal presents for those special occasions! No need to worry about wrapping which is always difficult with paws. It’s been ages since I’ve done any modelling so I tried it on straight away.

B Indoors

If I do say so myself, I do look rather gorgeous don’t I!

C outdoors closeup

And here I am outside in the garden.

Looking forward to camera

And again, sitting amongst the primroses.

Looking forward

It’s very comfortable to wear, even with my long ears, it sits perfectly on the collar wherever you want it.

Standing by Tulip

I match the pink primulas and tulips.

Z Headless

And just for fun, here’s a picture of me without a head!

If you’re a boy they have some fabulous bows for you too – although you could wear a flower if you want to.. in fact even though I’m a girl I quite like the bows, they’re very smart indeed. So, don’t forget to hop over to Lolas website to check them out, or you can also see them here at Chelsea Dogs.

Anyway, I would just like to say thank you very much to the lovely Theodore at Chelsea Dogs and also another big thank you to Lola. I shall be wearing my flower the next time I go out visiting and I’m sure I’ll be getting lots of compliments.



Ellie visits Jack and her brother Pip

•March 25, 2014 • 4 Comments

Today I had some peace and quiet – mum took Ellie over to Wool to visit her brother Pip and my pal Jack.


Here’s Ellie safely locked in her crate in the back of our transport.



And here is Ellie being welcomed by Pip and Jack… hmmm I think they’re being a bit too ‘familiar’, cheeky boys.



Out in the garden with them for a good run around. Jack is standing around looking sensible while Ellie and Pip play chase.


Young pups can run very fast.


And they have no respect for things like flower beds.


Ellie spent a lot of time on her back… what a tart.


Jack and Pip were quite amused by Ellie’s antics.


Woof woof


Zoom zoom


Oops, evicted from the kitchen.


Whee let’s have a race…. hup


And round and round again


And back the other way


And they’re neck and neck


Quick circuit round the big kennel


And then Ellie is back to being a tart again, showing off her bits. How on earth does she get her bottom that high off the ground?




They’re puffed out now



Auntie Maggie thinks they’re tired enough to come indoors again. This is Happy the parrot :)




Ellie was quite intrigued by the parrot… and Happy gave her a peck on the nose when she was cheeky enough to stick it through the bars.


A trio of pups


Isn’t Pip handsome?


Ellie’s got the ball! And yes, she’s on the sofa with Pip – sofas aren’t out of bounds.


And this is Jack taking the tennis ball out of Ellie’s mouth.


Snuggles with Auntie Maggie


Ellie and Uncle Richard


Pip in his bird watching position… on the back of the sofa.



And then it was time to go home again… Jack and Pip came out to say goodbye to Ellie in her crate in the ‘Working Cocker Transport’.

Thank you very much Auntie Maggie and Uncle Richard – Ellie had a super time.

An Airfield Meet up

•February 20, 2014 • 4 Comments

Yesterday mum and me went out in the car to meet up with my pals Jack and Pip for a walk at the old Tarrant Rushton airfield. My sis Ellie-Mae wasn’t allowed to come with us because she’s all hormonal at the moment, you know, it’s ‘that time of the year’ for her. Not that I understand much about it because I’ve never had to go through it, but Ellie being Ellie has to be different. Anyway, it won’t be long before she’s packed off to the vet for her ‘op’ and then we won’t have to worry about it any more.

Her brother Pip is growing into a very handsome young fellow, we all had a good sniff and run around, though Jack and I did more sniffing than running. Pip made up for it by doing lots of running and jumping around.


Me watching Pip sniffing out critters.


Pip deciding whether to run or sniff…


Pip looking a bit indecisive again while I get on with sniffing.


A bit more sniffing – well, there really were some interesting sniffs, it was a good job there were three of us to check them out.


Oh no, rain clouds coming… quick, run faster Pip.


OK, who’s going to move first…. shall we move a little closer together?


Me and Pip having a stand off. He’s trying to make me do some bonkers zoomies with him but I’m not having any of it. Get enough of that at home with Ellie.


Jack and I were happy to sniff while Pip did the running around.


Group sniffs – there are lots of little holes in the tufty grass so there must be a gazillion mice and moles and critters. Even now Pip is cantering along while us grownups take a more leisurely pace.


Eventually Jack and Pip had to go home… Jack looked quite sad to be back in his crate ready for the journey home, but he doesn’t have to worry because as soon as Ellie is back to ‘normal’ (BOL whatever that is, I don’t think she’s ever been normal) we’re going to go over to visit them at their house.

Thank you Auntie Maggie for bringing the boys over to play.


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