The Secret Bluebell Wood

Well I guess it’s not really secret because lots of people probably know about it, but you can only walk to it and it’s really pretty! We went on our Sunday evening walk.. and it was really pretty with loads of nice sniffs. There were lots of pheasants too but I’m not allowed to chase them which I reckon is a bit unfair. Anyway, Daddy parked the car in Winterborne Houghton and we walked from there.. all the way up the valley and to the highest point in Dorset at Bulbarrow. This is a picture from the top of the hill. It wasn’t very easy to see a long way but on a good day you could see for miles and miles and miles.

9-10 May 073

On the way back it’s all down hill..

9-10 May 081

This is a long straight bit that’s good for playing hoopy and then you get into the woods.

9-10 May 088

I love walking down paths that I’ve not been before.. exploring and sniffing all the new smells. Another dog had been walking up here because I found a tennis ball! Wahoo, finders keepers.. it was mine, all mine! Daddy thought it was fair because I’ve lost lots of my throw toys out on walks.. mostly back when I was younger and hadn’t got the hang of the “fetch” game.

9-10 May 094

When you get through the woods you’re into the valley that runs down to Winterborne Houghton.

9-10 May 100

There were loads of pheasants but I was really good and didn’t go off chasing any of them.

9-10 May 101

There were also lots of badger homes.. it must be hard work for them up here because it’s all chalk!

9-10 May 104

This is me having a good sniff at something..

9-10 May 106

It took us a bit longer to do this walk than daddy thought it would so we walked quickly on the way back because daddy wanted to call in at the pub.. but before we went we had a nose at this house that’s for sale.. not inside, just over the garden hedge.

9-10 May 108

It was lovely and had a whole 15 acres of trees with it.. just imagine what fun I could have if they were all my trees!!

9-10 May 110

It was quite a long walk so we had earned a drink at the pub when we finally got there.. I had my dinner there too.. I like eating out with mummy & daddy!

Me at The Crown, Ibberton

Me at The Crown, Ibberton


~ by Teagan on May 11, 2009.

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